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Page 10 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

10.5 State matching. Quickly notice her state before you approach, is she UP, kinda down, or laughing a lot? STAY in the sexual state, but keep your actions kind of similar to hers so as to not break her state entirely, causing you to be seen as intrusive (breaking rapport). You want to convey the sexual state, but you don't wanna break her state either. This is another reason lone wolfs are easier to go for, as they usually aren't in some kind of "group state" of ruckus or laughter ect. You can approach women in strange states by matching theirs once you get far more advanced, but go more for the calm ones at first. This takes a butload of practice to get down, but as I said this is a trouble-shooting section and not techniques to obsess on.

As an example of state matching WHILE conveying sexual state: Imagine your girlfriend just got home from work she's EXCITED as hell about a promotion she got at work. Now you've been waiting all day to have sex with her, but you wouldn't just walk up and go sexual on her because it might break her state and cause her to kind of reel back. Instead, you would put your arms around her and say some sort of "wow that's great", in about half the excitement level she has. This will curb her excited state slightly enough for her to begin recognizing your sexual state.

So say she's really down because her cat just died, you kinda get a little bit down too, but not completely as down as she is. This makes her kinda follow you into the less depressed state, enough so that she can pickup on your sexual state. She of course assumes it's HER sexual state, since you aren't saying anything sexual and she just perceives it. So, "I must be horny cause I'm so sad" or "getting excited about this promotion got me excited about other things as well" is what she thinks. Of course it works a little less on strangers than a girlfriend, as they don't yet see you as a sexual outlet (except by virtue of being a man and having a penis). So it takes them some time to say "why am I horny for this guy".

Simple huh? No? Sorry, this last one takes some field practice to get down.

Section 11

What to say. What you say isn't that important - rather, its how you present yourself to her. Still you need to talk or be labelled an alien so here goes. Simple advice and techniques, as the sexual state, is FAR more important to convey than what you say to her is.

The opener, as I said can just be simple a "hi", "hello", or "you from around here" ect. Introduce yourself at some point with your FULL name, first and last. People used to do this and it had a touch of class, dignity, pride and authority. Now its like, "I'm Dan, I don't have a last name I'm just Dan, I'm simple Dan ". Also being on first and last name basis is good, as she won't feel like a "slut" for having sex with some guy who she can't delude herself to think she knows. Get used to introducing yourself this way all the time and within 6 months it'll be natural so you don't have to think about it.

Say her first name a few times after meeting her, like before a question - "Becky, how do you find yourself in Los Angeles?" Many psychologists say that hearing your name from someone builds a connection, as they usually only hear it from friends, family, and people they like. Don't obsess on these small details, but if you can remember to work it into your convo, great. So long as its not at the expense of breaking your sexual state, and failing to convey that to her. Might be a buncha pop psychology bullshit anyway. Try to get used to doing it though, as it can't really hurt anything and may help.

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