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Page 11 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

The conversation. You don't need to worry about what you aren't saying to get into women's pants. It's what you're saying to keep you -out of them- that you need be concerned about. Try not to swear so much you fucking asshole, its not really sexy. Don't talk about puke, shit, piss, ejaculate, death, your horrid job, her horrid job, illness, religion, politics, rape, child molestation, pornography, or SEX (yes that's right no sex talk, being sexual yet tactful with your words is what women call "subtle", and as was mentioned, gets them thinking sexually EASIER than saying it outright). Nothing NEGATIVE. You don't wanna talk about her problems or negative things, so if it comes up change the subject. Otherwise, she'll tend to associate negative things with you. It's the same problem that talking about romance and love ect, causes, except in reverse. You don't wanna talk about these things that she associates as GOOD with you, because it will prod her to put you into a dating "make him wait" "start a relationship" frame of reference. The same goes for negative topics. You want the topics as neutral. People underestimate the power of just getting to know each other as a comfort builder between folks, so they complicate it with LOADS of "say this, say that" armchair psychology.

Just get to know each other as you convey your sexual state, and watch for hers to appear. "Where are you from?", " what do ya like bout the area", "what's your favourite TV show?", "why do you like it?", "what do you like to do for fun", "ok well IDEALY what would you LIKE to do for fun?" (they never DO what they like for fun, but like to talk about it). Keep it light -> "getting to know each other before we fuck" kinda dynamic. More important to stay in sexual state than to try to "say the right thing" or "get her to think this about me by saying this" ect. Have some fucking curiosity about people you are gonna do the wamba mamba with would ya!!!!!!!! Her imagining you doing your hobbies, watching the same TV show, going out to the same drive in ect, gets her to imagine you as a normal person, not some guy with a van, ball gag, camera equipment, and a pistol outside waiting to lure her into the lead role of a "snuff" film.

The power of "me too-ing". Saying, "oh my god that's so true", or "me too I love that" ect even when it's a lie, makes you seem more "meant to be" or "compatible". This is the best verbal technique I've come across yet. Opposites attract? BULL, people hook up with people who are in the same kind of place mentally, or at least who are somewhat agreeable with their little "model of the world".

Let her get to know you. If she's at all attracted the conversation will get 2 sided within a minute or so.

BIGGEST OF ALL, don't leave, eject, walk off ect just because there is a lull in conversation. She may like you ALOT but she's nervous and can't think of much to say. You just haven't verbally connected yet or found out anything about each other. Do you know how many people have lost the love of their life because they didn't give it 5 more seconds???? 910,876,531 that's how many! No I don't fucking know, but GET REJECTED, don't just walk off. "make the ho say no"

Not a lot of conversation material here huh? Well most guys who are getting bikini models and strippers, as well as all other women into bed, have NO scripts, NO hypnosis phooey, and NO lines. They are just acceptably attractive enough, even slightly overweight, maybe a little short, maybe a kinda odd looking, BUT GO FOR IT! They don't hide their sexuality and they persist where other men tuck tail and run.

I commonly get snubbed, the cold shoulder ect or overall rejected with the women I have sex with right away, but I just persist and eventually things take a turn. You love to breath right? Well I don't care how bad a fart is lingering around you are eventually gonna say "shit I love to breath I think its worth it to smell the fart". Air = sex, bad fart smell = your love handles, bad teeth, short stature or balding head in this metaphor. Cyanide gas = morbid obesity, stinky armpits, deformities and such. They'd rather hold their breath forever = rather go without sex than have it with him.

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