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Page 13 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

Section 14 (hey I'm superstitious)

The close. Once isolated, the words "why don't you come sit with me"? or "why don't you come lay down here?" are CHAMPION. Of course in a broom closet you just press up against the wall and start kissing. At home after you get her laying with you or sitting on your lap ect, you start to touch her even more at this point, stroking her hair saying it smells nice (HER HAIR YOU PERVS), you then get a good eye contact going and go in for a kiss, give her a soft light kiss with no tongue at first, keep this going until things progress to French kissing, give a good 30 minutes of foreplay to get her REALLY turned on so that she doesn't give last minute resistance. Clothes don't come off for 15-20 minutes, panties don't come off for 25-30 minutes. Then you are on your own, I'm not godamn Dr. Ruth.

14.1 the last minute problem with sex. This happens sometimes, she'll say "I don't know you enough" ect. When this happens don't get mad or upset ect. Just say, "I understand" or "ok, this is nice though huh?" then go back to necking and making out. Eventually go back in for the sex, if happens again say "I understand" and go back in for more kissing and making out, and repeat until it goes through. Hell even if she never gets ready, what have you got better to do than make out with some hot little number? You've got no real "make the ho say no" style of getting a close or getting a rejection to work with at this point, as she already has said no but MAY change her mind. DO NOT struggle or tug or bear weight on her at this stage, as that is considered rape. Use persistence not force, and you'll be ok.

Section 15

Relations with women. This isn't integral to the system just some advice I'd like to dispense, which you may find useful in dealing with women. I'm no relationship expert but these have been ideal ways of looking at things in my experience.

15.1 Relationships are really based on attraction. If one partner knows they can do better they will usually treat the other party poorly or not reciprocate the attention. If you are a "5" and want a long lasting relationship that you feel some love in, find another "5" with a compatible personality. Of course, you'll know you can do better (with these skills), but you'll also know they can't.

Less jealousy, insecurity, and overall hidden desire to get someone better. You get with a 3 and you are a 5, and you won't feel much of anything for them in the way of passion and desire, so you'll make them kinda miserable and insecure. You get with a 10 and you'll know you can get another one (with these skills) but your attraction will cause you a rampant level of lust and desire that just isn't reciprocated. That will just make you feel like shit all the time. Kinda the "only people I fall in love with don't love me back" syndrome, so common these days.

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