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Page 14 Gunwitch Method

Author: Gunwitch

15.2 In ANY relationship a good method to avoid pain, mess, and eventual heartbreak is to ALWAYS look at how you are being treated and how the relationship makes you feel. NOT at what you feel for them. To do this gauges the base level of passion and attraction she has to you. At the FIRST discomfort or pain caused by the woman in your life, LEAVE. Make her crawl back and apologize. Following this method will set boundaries that will last. You leave and won't take her calls, and she has to crawl back to you crying the first time she yells at you, holds out sex or hurts you in some way, and there probably wont be a second serving of that dish. It's hard to do, but it's important to your well-being. Jaded? Flighty? No. I'd say smart, as it doesn't drag out something that's gonna end anyway, leaving you hurt worse than if it had ended sooner. " It is far better to resist at the beginning than at the end" - somebody clever.

15.3 If a relationship goes bad, or hurts at all, and is dragging out as "friendship" or such, CUT IT CLEAN and you'll get over it sooner. If you don't it may drag on for a long time, with you getting degraded and rejected. These kinds of relationships drain you in all other areas of life, try to avoid them at all costs, but if you find yourself in one, RUN! "Work it out" with someone new, the next one with a clean slate who hasn't pushed so far into your boundaries yet.

"When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues" - Balzac.

15.4 When you are in the grasp of love and obsession over a girl always ask, "If I could have sex and a relationship (if I wanted one) with the next 10 beautiful women I see, would I forget that I ever knew the one I am with right now?" If yes, you would, you don't love her. You are sex-addicted and probably putting up with way too much shit. Its time to have a showdown with her, unless she's just a fancy of yours or a stranger of course, in that event its time to try to sex her. Also ask yourself when in an LTR or when being just friends, "if I could come and have sex with this woman as frequent as I want, but would lose ALL other activities and conversations with her, would I trade that?" If you would only want her for sex, don't put up with her shit if she's giving you any. Don't waste time with someone you really don't enjoy, when you could be out finding something more enjoyable and compatible, ALONG with sex in that time spent.

15.5 Women sooth issues. A break up from a long term relationship can be murder on your limbic system, self esteem and well being. The main reason for this is that you have mental issues you've learned to deal with. A woman comes along who not only makes your dealing with those issues easier, but quells them altogether. She makes you feel desirable to women, makes you feel like a good lover, makes you feel like someone worthy of love. She leaves, BOOM, you aren't only missing her ability to quell these issues, but NOW have to learn to deal with them and get used to them all over again. Realize this. Use a pain filled break up as an opportunity to recognize and GET RID of these self esteem problems. Don't be a co- dependant, always defining who is important to you by what gaps of yours they can fill (mind out of the gutter people), instead be a complete person (self help jargon I know). Seek the permanent company of people you WANT around you, not NEED around you. Eventually you don't hurt anymore this way.

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