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Author: Gunwitch

There are 3 points in any given pick up that you will sometimes, not always, but usually have to have a great deal of persistence to get past. Not always, hence the "luck factor" of many PUs.

If you get these all 3 down youll up your success by double with the women you deal with, assuming you are approaching women already.

These are the 3 points you need to turn it on persistence that is.

Point 1, The Fluff. See during the fluff phase it isnt so much "persistence" at an active level, but at an internal level. "make the ho say no", my signature means this here more than anywhere. No you dont make her say no, you make her reject you or you dont move on, you persist past, dead spots in the convo, past miscommunications, past akward verbal sparring and banter. YOU HANG IN THERE. To eject or even get a number rather than persist here is to surely lose. WAIT for the rapport to set in. You persist inside by staying relaxed and keeping going. She doesnt walk away or get extremely rude, you stay there.

Point 2, Isolation attempted. The "hem and haw", the "i dunno if i should" the "maybe im not sure" even the "no". All points you must persist past after you suggest isolation to her. You by persisting take responsibility for the sex that happens and also play into the "pushover" nature of the woman. Not just women have this mind you, even you, if alone with someone who will not give up in something will either give in or get angry. You havent SURELY said no til youve gotten angry. This is also a "make the ho say no" situation. You play the man at this stage and lead the encounter. Not in some evolutionary psyche mumbo jumbo way, i mean socially you take responsibility for it as she wants you to do, hence she gets what she wants, doesnt seem "EASY" and couldnt really be a "slut" cause you just wouldnt give up.

Point 3, The Sex. Again not the definition of persistence, but more a standing of your ground. There are no words exchanged, because you dont ask her outright for sex once youve began making out, it progresses. The persistence here is a wall not a train. You quell any objections with simple "yeah but this is nice though now" or if she gets up you resume with "wait, this is fun though what we're doing lets do that, i mean i want you to be comfortable", tailor it to the situation and do not stop, she will kiss you deeply and fondle you? She will fuck you, you merely must persist by not allowing the "base" you are already on to be moved back, she will get more and more horny with time and will eventually give up another "level" or "base" til eventually the sex is under way.

Those are 3 points i never stumble on EVER, and its a HUGE reason i get the women i want when i want them.

Thats why though im a top guy here at ASF, im not a great seducer i am the TOP "rusher" though because i do not fail on these points. Start doing the same and youll be well on your way as well.

And remember "make the ho say no".


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