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Author: Gunwitch

Gun here from Way of Gun with a article of recent basic stuff I have been working with guys on,

I was talking to an old friend earlier and he asked what I was doing at the moment and all so I explained I now teach guys how to get laid. He was interested in what he could do to improve his game. I didn't want to harp on it all day and couldn't go in to the logistics and attraction game in depth so I explained the stuff below in so many words as a crash course:

In no particular order of importance and not COMPLETE just what's REQUIRED for a guy to understand, in the order I told him:

1. "Rapport is not attraction your ego serves no purpose."

Having your goal in mind, staying on course to it, and not ejecting from it is key.

Backing off, or doing anything to compromise yourself in order to not be rejected is itself a way to reject YOURSELF.

An example, she says "I am not going to have sex with you tonight you know".

You do not say: Oh yeah that's fine I like you as a person.

Just to stay in rapport

You say: "you got a dirty mind little missy"

As of course SHE brought up the sex.

The point is abandon your ego at the door to this game, plan to get rejected or you will do ANYTHING to avoid being rejected and waste your time.

2. "Stupid state is stupid does".

The state of mind you are in will project and indicate more to her than any behavior or act you put on. Practice controlling the way you feel, and what you project to others will be contagious. You have to be relaxed, not just try to appear relaxed, as people are perceptive of the states you enter.

3. "Chicks want it just as much as we do."

Women for whatever reason almost collectively lie about sex not being important to them, YET always have a lover on hand if they are attractive and cheat on good relationships. The lie makes us men feel inferior and when a people feel inferior they qualify themselves to get what they want. HENCE chicks get the sex they want AND the diamonds, dinners and compliments.

Don't fall in this trap and they have a better intuition about you as a lover, if you do not need to qualify yourself with other things, then you MUST have more value sexually.

4. "Women's friends want their friends to get laid like your worst cock-block of a friend wants you to get laid by half."

The MORE attractive you are to women the LESS their friends will want their friends to hook up with you. This sucks of course but it's simple jealousy and not wanting their friend to have something they don't have.

Isolation is key, chaos must be eliminated in as fast a manner as possible to work an easier dynamic between you and the chick.

PLUS ya can't have sex in public obviously so ya need to get her alone with ya.

5. "Jerks aren't jerks guys who call guys jerks are just pussies."

Retaliation for people giving you a hassle is not "jerk", being sexual is not "jerk".

Weenies who are incapable of mustering any balls to do such things call that jerk behavior, women call it attractive as you are playing the male role, they are female and take peoples negativity and feel its wrong to be sexual/slutty, you NOT being like them is what's key because then they can feel you "complete them". I mean they got a hole that needs to be filled by nature, this runs through the core of their psyche as a driving force, be what they desire to be and you are attractive.

Do not fear to be "macho", just because some feminist robot media ideals has infected your mind.

Hot women ALWAYS bitch about how their boyfriend is such a jerk/macho etc etc. You never hear em complain that he doesn't stand up for himself or doesn't ever wanna have sex cause women don't bother to have sex with guys like that, much less keep em around to "complain about"

6. "Women who like sex aren't sluts, chicks who call chicks sluts are just prudes."

See above and reverse it, I explained that women use the words like "slut" and "whore" to downgrade sexually open women, because it ruins the good thing they got going on, the diamonds and dinners and compliments in exchange for what they want already. Or in the case of the prude or frigid woman it ruins getting all those things and NOT having to put out.

Any real man will take a sexually open chick over a close legged "get what I can cause I got what men want" prude any day.

7. "To dominate the frame is to suck others in to your model of things not to be "impolite" or "talk too much".

Socially do not sit there and shut up. Talk a lot just like I am right now and hold authority. I told him.

I explained the seduction community, and how I have become a well-known figure along with maybe a dozen others out of thousands because of just this.

Do not hold your tongue to be "polite" do not try to avoid "dominating the conversation". Some call this loosening up, others call it "the gift of gab".

Whatever you call it, LET WHAT IS INSIDE YOU COME OUT.

The greatest power as an influencer is to represent such an authority of speech and powerful model of how things work that it draws in the listener to your model of how things work or should work.

THEN you can alter the model at any time for your benefit and their change of mind.

Finally after telling him that last bit I said

Me: What if I told you everything I just said was complete and utter bullshit?

Him: stunned look and "what?"

Me: Don't worry it's all true, but to illustrate that last point, I sucked you in to the model of things because of my conviction and congruency (which I explain to him as similarity of everything I said and how it flowed together).

I then finally explained projecting the above as an internal mindset and understanding, how with a strong frame like this you dominate, when women encounter dominance they "submit" and match your state, I then explained sexual state as the state to begin to project that they will match.

Vi-o-la you have attraction.

When I asked him to repeat it back he said something similar to this:

"They want us they just pretend not to, to get things. Just be yourself and don't give an F (which he meant as he wants to be sexual and not take any sh*t but wasn't sure that's ok before). Be intense (he said it in same words I used in my be intense post without ever saying it to him) so they follow you and then be sexual so they follow that too"

He forgot to be ready to be rejected and check your ego. But he got the gist of it pretty fast.

The above principles seemed, even as a crash course, to totally awaken him and he wants to go out to the club next weekend. He has alot of other stuff to learn but with just the above should be able to adapt to situations. We shall see how it goes.

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