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Author: Gunwitch

Gun here from Way of Gun with some new stuff about the difference between the pros and the amateurs in this game,

CHAOS: A dynamical system that has a sensitive dependence on its initial conditions.

MAGIC: The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural.

Forget that last part about the supernatural. There is nothing supernatural about what you are about to read.

Your sex life. Chaos.

You go out and get a perfect attraction going with your ideal woman. She is perfectly primed to have sex with you. Her friend, because some guy stepped on her foot doesn't wanna drive her car home so she drags off the prospect you had to take her home.

Maybe her friend did not get her foot did not get stepped on. Perhaps she was so attracted to you and spiteful of a person that she did not want her friend to have someone she wanted.

YIKES! Maybe her friend you didn't even see all night turns out to be your ex girlfriend who it ended badly with.


A jumbled up mess of events that are totally out of your control.

A gust of smoke may blow in your eye making you miss the final last glance of an ideal woman who was hyper attracted to you, making you pass her by entirely.

You may touch a wrong nerve in her during conversation. Her father fell off a telephone pole as a lineman when she was 12 and died. You mention a downed wire fell near your house the night before; this triggers some weird emotion in her mind. You are nothing but a stranger yet, so she simply says she has to go and walks away.

Well there is good news.

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko (christ sorry for the old joke it was funny when I first wrote this article I swear to you).

Only kidding there is good news.

In a chaotic system there can be no control, because nothing is predictable. In THIS field however we are dealing with other human beings.

When 2 human beings interact there is ONE, SURE guarantee, ALWAYS.

Those two human beings will ALWAYS interact differently than any set model can provide.

Imagine a fist fight you just KNOW you are about to get in, you plan a move. You plan to duck down and punch the guy in the balls when he swings. See the problem is he is planning to KICK you in the balls. When the first burst of movement happens you duck low and his kick lands on your chin with his lower knee instead of hitting you in the balls knocking you out cold.

Say instead he had planned to kick you in the balls and you had planned to punch him right through the chin. You both connect he is left unconscious for lack of protecting his chin and not having his feet planted when you connected, putting him off balance, you are left hurting in the balls.

ANY number of variants can happen because no 2 people in a fight, a deal, a negotiation OR mating will be 100% honest and go right for what's going to happen.

Women obviously if you understand their conditioning from dynamic sex life will not be up front 100% honest because they are conditioned not to be. You can not be 100% up front honest again because of her conditioning that will recoil at the forward gesture.

SO we are left with a dance, much the same as a fight, only less competitive and more "guarded".

How do we win this dance then? What is the GOOD news about all this chaos between humans when they interact for controlling YOUR sex life?

Simple. The chaotic factors are SO great in human interactions that they are repetitive and can be seen as almost predictable. These factors have become LESS chaotic and more USABLE, so they can be removed or eliminated if you understand the above and take heed to the following.

The factors of chaos "magic" in your sex life.

Factor 1: Other people. WE KNOW that human to human interaction will always be chaotic and differ from one time to the next.

SO if you interact with a woman with 2 of your friends and 2 of hers they chaos is multiplied by a factor of 9.

guy a, guy b interactions. girl b, girl c interactions. girl b, boy b interactions. girl b, boy c interactions. girl c, boy c interactions. girl c, boy b interactions. Girl "a" and you, girl c and you, girl b and you.

At every opportunity you must limit other peoples influence on the interaction because they will only ad chaos.

Almost all men go out to clubs with friends, almost all women go out to clubs with friends. Hence clubs and bars must be a venue that you have a good understanding with any wingmen or friends, to avoid interacting with your approaches beyond casual hellos, inside of.

Second and more importantly you cannot control the chaos presented by female friends of hers, so right there your ability to control the chaos will always be diminished. The best club guys there are themselves admit to doing a lot of "day 2's" and such where they get a phone number and call the woman the next day outside of this chaos, which ads its own chaotic element by making things less intimate and giving her MORE time to THINK about your interaction increasing the lack of control, hence MORE chaos.

You will also have the factor of other men, or acquaintances of hers in a bar or club setting creating more increasing chaos.

The solution?

Learn to approach women sober, outside of these venues first. Second approach lone women in non "social" settings more often when other men will not bother you because they aren't themselves drunk and have never even thought of the things you are reading right now.

Factor 2: "rattling her" "saying the wrong thing" "making her uncomfortable".

Easy again to get around.

First of all do not talk about obvious stuff that may set her off. Sex, killing, death, murder, rape, defecation, anything that comes out of your body, fart contests. I mean you get the picture, obvious stuff.

Second in the case her dad died falling from a power pole and you speak of a line falling in front of her house you will need 2 factors.

Attraction and comfort.

If she has something to lose from you (a man she is attracted to), by pulling away over something small and inside only her mind that has become a factor, she will THINK TWICE, literally. If she is not attracted she will simply want to escape from your presence because the only thing you are causing/have caused her is discomfort.

One increases and quickens attraction to this degree in the same manner as in my Way of Gun audio course, by assuming the role and state of a lover and her matching it. If you are congruent inside her mind with someone who is a lover you will also have the factor of her not wanting to "lose you". Hence she thinks twice.

The comfort can come from the attraction alone, but you should also have her in a sincere place mentally of rapport. Also as in dynamic sex life assuming a rapport should be done along with good eye contact and tone of voice. This will cause her to trust you enough that if something does "rattle her" and she gives it a second thought because she doesn't feel getting away from you is the best answer, she will instead reveal it.

No attraction or no comfort or both:

You say: yeah it was weird last night a powerline fell right near my driveway

Her thought: "visualizes her dad falling from powerpole"

Her thought: strange he said that

Her feeling: sadness gruesome you "brought on"

Her thought: Why am I talking to this guy, what would my dad think, I

wonder if he is watching me right now, I need to get home and take a

nice bath and have some chocolates.

She says: I really have to get going it was nice to meet you

WITH attraction and comfort both:

You say: yeah it was weird last night a powerline fell right near my driveway

Her thought: "visualizes her dad falling from powerpole"

Her thought: strange he said that

Her feeling: sadness gruesome you "brought on"

Her thought: Why am I talking to this guy, what would my dad think, I

wonder if he is watching me right now, I need to get home and take a

nice bath and have some chocolates. This guy is really attractive

though and seems sincere enough, hmmm.

She says: HuH, that's strange

With even more attraction and comfort she may say: Really weird you said that my dad fell off a power pole when I was a little girl.

Regardless of the actual inner thoughts the process is the same and the conversation goes on, possibility is still in place. Chaos averted by simple human desire. SHE persists and doesn't eject from the situation when she wants YOU.

Factor 3: Persistence.

"We can neva know fo sho bro so make the ho say no"

Or in English:

We do not know what any given outcome with another human being can be without KNOWING for sure.

Any master salesman will tell you basically the above 2 factors. They have to trust you, they have to want what you are selling and finally you have to close the deal. Leaving a human interaction up to the side that did not initiate it is leaving the entire encounters outcome up to chaos or hyper attraction to the product. In this case the product is YOU, so you better be damn good with the sexual state projection and fairly decent looking also if you want to ignore the rapport and persistence. Simply think of how much chaos can come in to play. You will see the merits of persistence rather than trying a bit and wondering if they will take the lead and make things happen.

Factor 4: All eggs in one basket.

Another simple one. Time and chaos do not go well together. Time is linear. Chaos between humans is nothing even close.

In simple terms, ONE effort can drag on a LONG time when it comes to human interactions.

Persistence with any given prospect is a major key. Getting the no or the yes within a reasonable time frame is a given to improve your OVERALL sex life with as many women as possible.

More than that, using the stuff from this material that helps to avoid chaotic interactions and also using it on MANY targets is a must.

The old "volume theory" or "hit on enough chicks and one will have sex you" comes to mind here. Who has time for that though!?

We must use the chaos control we have been given the gift of to limit the effort needed to get what we want as much as possible, but we also must be mindful of what is efficient use of time and what is not.

Your time line may be different. Mine is that the same exact day I meet a woman sex must take place. If sex does not take place then I may as well find a prospect the next day who has not proven her attraction low enough to wait an entire day already as the previous days has already.

Factor 5: She is not looking to have sex at all period or ON her "period" even.

Again something we cannot KNOW for sure upon approaching a woman we find desirable.


Look for legs.

The feminists would go CRAZY over this statement but simply do not hit on women who are all bundled up like its 5 degrees outside, unless of course it is 5 degrees outside.

A woman with no sex drive will not put on makeup and fix her hair or show legs and cleavage unless she is looking for sex or looking for validation from men looking at her.

The times she will be looking for this validation are usually obvious, she is WAY dressed up, obviously the best she can look and usually at a place like a club or bar.

When a woman dresses like this on the street, to go to work, or the mall or the store she at least had SOME thought of sexual or attraction to men nature.

The odds of her being on her period are also pretty much stamped out.

This factor is not sure fire by any means, but any little bit of control we gain means less chaos and a better sex life. We do not seek absolute control of course, but at least some extreme measure can be attained with the above.

Finally a blatant obvious truth some still need to understand, is that logic itself dictates your sex life only be and can only be chaos without SOME effort to meet more women.

If you aren't approaching AT ALL, either realize that no amount of knowledge or attempt to learn to control things will get you a great sex life. Or if you fear the approach work on your internal issues of what is stopping you as in my booklet dynamic approach.

Even more realize that there is no failure to fear, as you will learn from each failure to gain better control, and even more than that most times be able to attribute any failure with a woman you have ever had to one of the above 5 factors.

There is a science to this folks, you must only think in these terms to understand that there is nothing supernatural about almost complete control, but it is in fact within your grasps with enough efforts and controls in place.

Make sure to visit Way of Gun and get my audio course which features way more recent and detailed materials.


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