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Author: Gunwitch

From real verifiable community members:

"Gun's material is responsible for around 14 lays I have got since coming out of a long term relationship in Nov 02"

- Marque (June 04)

"I lost my virginity to the second girl I approached shortly after reading his stuff."

- J.B

"This is no "mating for morons" material full of lame body language tips and cheap date ideas. This goes around all that. Gun makes you in to a guy who totally understands women, and yourself and the roles and games played between us."


"I originally considered Gun to be advocating nothing more than macking. In my opinion, nothing is further from the truth..... SUPERB!"

-Vince Runza (known seduction teacher and former skeptic)

"I owe 15 lays to Gun. I lost my virginity thanks to him, and am now in a relationship with a girl I really like. I owe much to Gun that I was able to meet her. And I'm still meeting other women."

-M.Z (Epitome)

"All I can say is if Gun ever needed anything, I'd be the first guy at his door. From method to method, post to post, his ideas are astounding. Even if it wasn't for his method, he is one of the coolest guys I ever talked to. Thanks again Gun."

- P.P. (Double_O_69)

"He really does care about you getting laid as if you were his best friend."

- Shazz

"If Gun shits in a bag and sells it online, i'll buy it only because each and every single lay I have ever gotten in my life was incorporating his method"

- Danny K (Viper)

"I get hot sex regularly and as a result I have more energy, am in better health, and am just overall satisfied with my life. What more is there to say..."

- M.M

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