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Top 3 Basics Of The Game

Author: Gunwitch

Gun here from Way of Gun on a few problems in guys game I see very regular or questions I get regular.

A lot of guys say "man this stuff is just to overwhelming, there are too many methods, and all of them have this and that to say about this and that"

An old article I wrote once was about The 3 As.

Defined, the game is 3 main core principles. 3 As.

Availability. You have to have available women to end up having sex with them of course, this is like "duh" factor.

However many men miss the simple fact that THEY THEMSELVES also must be available.

Guys say "I had her really interested, but I had to be to work in an hour, so I just took a # but coulda...."


Guys say "She kept looking at me, several times she looked, and when I finally approached her she was standoffish and cold"

Easy simple solutions there, that many guys miss, because they are thinking of what to say, or weren't thinking at all.

She looks at you from across the room, how can you seem available? How can you not turn on an "oh damn maybe he doesn't like me, I better start playing it cool" response on her end?

SMILE! So she knows you are cool with the whole deal.

How can you avoid time constraints?

Don't even bother to go out to pick up women if you know you have to be to work in an hour.

Yeah if you see a woman you really really want, it is better to do something than nothing, but then you are gonna have to know that really all you are doing is something over nothing.

Ya can't ALWAYS have the proper logistics and availability, but ya can at least try to make a free day once in a while where you play this game like a hobby, like anything else, pencil in some time!

If you wanted to master the martial arts would you read about them, and then practice them only on the subway on the way to work if you had to?

NO you would pencil in some time to practice.

This is another problem guys have that I run in to.

They simply do not know how to learn. I explain it in detail in my book and audio course, and harp on it that you must do one thing at a time.

One principle, work it and learn it, or else you will always remain confused by trying to work too many principles at once.

The same applies in studying this stuff at a time level, ya gotta make time for it. Yes it does happen naturally for a lot of guys, but how often? Once a year? Hell with that, you wanna be a pick up artist, not get lucky once a year.

Make time for this stuff.

Anyway on to the second A


Ok this is the big enchilada, this is what the game is all about. We already ain't in the business of getting laid by being fixed up on dates once in a blue moon.

We are making ourselves available, and women available to us.

But we also ain't in the business of getting laid on our looks or money or social status etc.

We need to be able to create attraction and arousal in the woman through influence» principles. If not they are selecting us, which again is a once in a blue moon happen to be her type scenario.

There are of course several methods of this, I go in to major detail about them in my book and audio. Suffice to say without getting WAY off track:

To dominate and control the frame or dynamics between you, gets her in a place where she admires you, wants to have your power of frame, starts to match you and the way you emote and think.

I am sure you have either done this, had this happen from someone else, or seen it before amongst couples. Like when someone starts to gesture like you do or inflect like you do, or in my case make rampant illiterate sounding use of the words "ya" and "ain't" instead of "you" and "aren't"!

Once this sets in you can easily lead her in to a sexual state she will match, by going in to one yourself and projecting it, as you are the thing she is most in tune with in her reality at the moment.

Not psychic mumbo jumbo by any means, just human dynamics that take a lot to explain.

Not the point of this article anyway.

The point IS however that simply being available and having a woman to be available for, is not always enough.

You must be attractive in her eyes, be it by looks, money, status, or the influence» methods and control of the dynamics.


The Third A is aggression (or accountability, if you misread the word aggression as being mean or nasty)

Accountability for the sex taking place is paramount!

You can of course have her and you both knowing ya like each other, available and attracted, yet she is conditioned by society to not be a "slut". I go in to great detail of the psychology of this in my book.

SO she will need some accountability.

You MUST persist past, or even in some cases "convince" her by con game style methods that she is not accountable for the affair.

She must think she "has been seduced"

There are a hundred ways to do this, but simple persistence without passion, is the key.

Aka don't get mad, don't get pissy, just always stick in there until you get a no or a lay.

The makeout progression is also important once in the bedroom, to instantly whip it out and try to have sex with her is going to cause her conditioning to say "ok he hasn't woo-ed me, he hasn't seduced me, I am just being a slut"

Funny T-shirt I seen once online said "no, means eat me out first", which is kind of what I mean.

Another analogy I like to use is the magic thumb trick.

Women are like closet homosexual men in a way, they desire to have sex with men, but will only do so under certain conditions.

A man says to another man: I have a trick, I will get behind you show you both hands, and then stick my finger in your butt.

He agrees,

HE KNOWS WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN! Then says "ok" because he can then in his mind not be accountable for what happens next.

Goofy as the above story is, that is sort of what it is like when a woman doesn't wanna seem easy by for example dancing with every guy who asks, and you walk up and say:

"my friends over there bet me you wouldn't dance with me"

She doesn't believe that, she merely wanted to dance with you and that was a catalyst that made it "ok" in her social awareness of what others might think.

Knowing when to run a certain con style game like that is a condition of being in field and interacting with women more.

Knowing when to persist instead (because her conditioning isn't that strong in the area) is another such condition from being in field.

If a man has The 3 As in place, he simply gets laid regularly. There is no conflict of method or information that can change this fact.

The attraction being the most complex part, is actually a good thing in that you have more options.

It would suck to be a chick and ONLY have the option of looking good enough, or it would suck to live in some cultures and have ONLY money be an option for a guy as an attractant.

The availability is as simple as being aware of it.

And the accountability and/or aggression is as simple as making a damn effort, clinging on to any chick you get available and attracted.

The third A is making sure she doesn't talk herself out of it, because she feels you aren't talking her in to it enough!

That simply put IS the game. Many more fine details to it yes, but any method that deviates from the 3As is not based in reality, and any tactic or technique not based within the 3 As, is a waste of your time.

As I said before, learn one thing at a time, on the same token, only learn each A once. You don't need 15 different ways to do each thing, you need one way for each A, then wash rinse and repeat to get a lay at will and you "have game".

You then "have game" that is easier to understand/learn/apply other game within because you have some basis of understanding to go from.

Finally a question I always get from guys is about height issues.

First of all I am maybe 5'9'' tops, and am not just some online writer, I am out in the game and a part of the seduction community and meet people and such.

If I didn't have any game I wouldn't be doing so.

So it ain't a massive issue for success as I make it work, so I ain't just blowin smoke here.

There is actual science of natural vs artificial selection at work here when it comes to height in mating and dating.

Natural selection would make sense, people keep getting taller and taller, so those breeding must be taller and taller.

This is not the case however, in fact height is an artificial selection. Or has been introduced by outside sources.

Women desire men who are taller at a social level, not a biological one. So what do women PICK? When do most guys get laid?

When women pick the taller men is when most guys get laid!

It however has no bearing on her actual biological drive for sex, or her arousal levels for a man in her neurology.

Simply put, women prefer taller men, and usually when women have sex it is by their selection.

We however are pick up artists here, we select the women, and we define the attraction and arousal, and if you use my methods, social criteria are not part of it, but biological psychology instead.

Hence we are artificially selecting them in a way, by them not selecting us.

That is a whole different story though.

Suffice to say, most men who have a problem with their height in picking up women, are so worried about it, that they don't even go try (see availability above), or think that any sign of disinterest towards them is some sort of action against their height and they then eject (see accountability and aggression above).

I have no problems with height, A guy named Neil Strauss (5'6'') who wrote a book I was in (as Gunwitch») just recent has no problem with it, a guy named Jay/Formahndle(5'7'') who runs has no problem with it, the guy I trained at the start of my book and audio course has no problem with it (5'4'').

When women do the selecting, a whole host of social issues come in to play. Hell not dressing in her counterpart male style or economic class will make her not select you even more than height.

When WE get in there and operate at a biological level however, we can arouse them and attract them, regardless of all the social factors, but instead as a man and a woman.

Make sure to visit Way of Gun and get my audio course which features way more recent and detailed materials.


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