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Verbal Method

Author: Gunwitch

I think this is the last bastion of things i dont understand about how i get the high ratio of approach to fuck closes that spawned the entire gunwitch method.

The factor i realized i wasnt providing is how rapport works for me. Understand rapport is essential but is not a seduction tool. Sounds confusing if you take the ideals of this board and seduction as a reality i know. But thats another big key to "get", is that what you say has little to no effect on getting in a womans pants unless its negative, SO if you say negative things you ruin it, if you say the right things, sure youve gotten laid, but youve wasted time saying them as she was already to fuck you anyhow as long as you persist passed her ideals, hence heads you win tales you lose when it comes to what you say. If you cant grasp that or dont want to believe that truth, i have to speculate that youll most likely always have some amount of trouble with women, as until there is a thing a deformed or obese man can say to get laid, nothing said really helps for me anyhow, and im not green, i know a thing or 50 about PU.

Notice i say for ME, as thats all the GWM ever has been is my explanation of what i do.

This key is that TRYING for rapport always seems to fail. Acting indifferent SUCKS even worse, so whats a guy to do? Simple, assume rapport. Cocky funny frames attempt to do a bit of this with the busting chops techniques, yet seem to work half assed because the guys go overboard with it. SO if YOU use cocky funny and it isnt working, STOP, try this instead. OR a guy can "just assume rapport" which sounds good in theory but isnt descriptive enough to actually do.

I know by the title of this post some expected a script or pattern ect, but thats just not flexible enough, unless you just wanna be heard or liked not fucked. You must understand the dynamics of rapport.

This isnt a long lesson to learn and needs no field work really, lets get started.

Ask yourself, how do i interact with the people i have rapport with? Whats different from how i interact with them and how i interact with the women i try to PU. EVEN maybe ask yourself why its easier to lay a chick youve just met yet is in a social circle or at work ect where a certain rapport is assumed, than a stranger?

Im willing to bet there are THREE main things different. 1. you rarely ask the people you know questions about themselves, 2. you rarely volunteer information about yourself to the people you know either, 3. you use a continuous pacing of reality with situational comments of situations at hand rather than a probing of each other for information.

Ok heres the thing, getting to this with a chick rather than the probing.

Right away with a strange woman on the street at a club ect ect, whatever target, you will have to do some amount of probing like this right away else get a "do i know you?", k thats a good thing that dynamic right? As it shows that people say that because they can recognize when they know someone or not , by words said at the approach.

The first stage of rapport from fluff is of course for me maybe a comment on the room or place or weather something bland, then ill ask her name, give her mine if she asks, first and last then ask her last name ect. Maybe ask if shes from the area ect.

K heres what i havent been telling you all, that i wait for a kind of rapport SOI from her, the first time she starts asking me questions back (as i said in my method "itll get 2 sided fast if shes attracted")i pounce. At this point i assume that she has made a statement by asking me for information as well that she indeed does intend to get rapport with me as well. THEN from then on its all "being myself", always have to be relaxed (only from field work comes that mind you), yet i now VERBALLY relax as well at the first indicator that she intends a rapport as well. Think how many times a woman has asked you a question back for the first time in an interaction? How many times did you answer it, THEN break the next dead spot in convo with another question? Total rapport regression that is, why not take it to the next level when it presents itself?

So what do you do once you get the rapport SOI that takes it to another level?

Simple, begin alot more pacing of the environment, start to make statements, not ask questions about her or volunteer information about yourself. Notice to her the way people look around at each other to make sure they are "dancing right" every few seconds at a club, maybe about how many people seem to not be able to control themselves when it comes to food, something valid and in the environment.

Something you and a friend, ex girlfriend or family would talk about, this is why TV and movies and such is a great place to lead the convo, it almost forces things into a conversational tone of rapport rather than 1. asking questions about her, 2. volunteering of info about you, 3. paces A reality, A reality not the current one but one you both know of and can discuss.

Think Verbal Rapport Assumption, not to be an arrogant fucker but if "VRA" doesnt become a buzz phrase around here then no ones doing PU right or doesnt see they are doing this in my book. Think verbal rapport assumption from the first SOI of mutual rapport, THEN think total relaxation and shut down ANY thoughts of what to say to her, totally focus on projecting sexual state to her and looking for it back from her for a then persistent isolation attempt.

This is all too confusing for you? You don't have anyone you have a rapport with? Ok, go about a normal approach with simple asking questions or pace of reality opener talking about her hometown ect, then look for the first SOI of rapport from her (her asking about you), then soon as you get that, quickly switch the topic to TV or movies and get to talking about that, STOP with the volunteering of info and prying for it from her.

Ok not a brand new dynamic or technique i know, but then neither was my first stuff, but it seemed to help a ton of guys out, so figured id throw this in having finally figured it out as something i do.

And remember "make the ho say no": Way of Gun


Get laid not liked!

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