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Primp Opener

Average Rating: 4.22 [Total Votes: 14]

Harmless - First, here is the frame you're using for this opener "You're CUTE... but I'm going to make you a ROCKSTAR!"

Ultimate Boyfriend Destroyer

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Harmless - If it's early in the sarge and she says, "I have a BF," this does NOT mean that it's time to do BF destroyers. This means that you did NOT attract her and that she could even be LYING to you because she doesn't want to talk to you. So... if you get this too soon, then you need to deal with more fundamental game issues first.

How To Number Close

Average Rating: 1.60 [Total Votes: 10]

Harmless - Remember, first of all, that the # is merely a bridge to a future meet and nothing more. It is a logistical necessity, not game. Your GOAL should never be to #close the girl.

Phone Game Logistics

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Harmless - I always do one of two things when I get a #, before I leave: 1) Tell her I'll call her tomorrow *to chat*. Ask when the best time to call is, when we can just talk for a while...