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Identity and character is what we are as a whole and how we see ourselves.  To become successful with women does not mean just spurting out a few pick up lines, routines and behaviours.  We have to build our character, and become that person.  The following articles discuss the importance of why we should have an identity as well as the how.

Looking For “The Holy Grail”

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Giuseppe Notte - There's a special phenomenon that occurs when a guy starts to learn about women for the first time. I call it “the grand search for the holy grail.” I've seen many guys who were unsuccessful with women for years. Then one day, they type “seduction” into Google and find a bunch of websites and e-books dealing with “how to seduce girls,” “what women want,” “the best pickup lines” and so on. Suddenly, they get all excited and start looking for the “holy grail,” the key that opens the heart (and the legs) of every woman.

The Video Camera

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Tenmagnet - Are you ever talking to a woman, and you say something that could be interpreted the wrong way, and suddenly you feel really awkward and feel the need to explain yourself?

Breaking The Cycle

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Sinn - Virginia Satir once said that the most basic human instinct is not toward survival, but toward the familiar. In other words, the thing that we are most likely to do is rarely concerned with our survival (or procreation). It's just the thing we are most comfortable doing.

Living A Dynamic Life

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Adam Lyons - Some people are just more interesting.  For others, all they need is their desk job, a small group of normal friends, and enough freedom to hit the bars on the weekends.  Okay, that’s great, but there are others of us that just don’t find satisfaction in a simple lifestyle. 

How To Impress Women

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David DeAngelo - I've learned a secret to impressing women that I'm going to share with you. It's a secret that probably not 1 in 1,000 men knows or will ever figure out on his own.

Better Appearance

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Mark Belmont - Many expert pickup artists tell their students that their physical appearance is totally unimportant.  They claim that regardless of the way you look, you can seduce beautiful women.


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Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - When seducing women, most men will make the key mistake of ‘giving away’ all of their power and status in the face of a beautiful woman...

Three Seducive Characters

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Richard La Ruina - Words themselves have little to do with seduction. It possible to come up with the most elaborate and impressive chat up lines and do little more than entertain a woman...

Building An Identity

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Mystery - I read an article recently by my good buddy Thundercat that said..

Social Circle Mastery

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Mr. M - 'Social Circle Mastery' is the foundation of “next generation” pick up and dating techniques. It takes us beyond relying only on “cold approach” to meet women and enhance your social life.

Be Dominent Not Domineering

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Derek Vitalio - As a man, you need to be decisive and make decisions. You need to become comfortable with being in charge and in command.

Inner Game of Fashion

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Brad P - The four qualities that lead to mating success in the animal kingdom (including humans) are...

Light And Dark

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Neil Strauss aka Style - The community is a forking path. And it can lead you into the light or the darkness. The choice is yours.

Social Robots

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Neil Struass aka Style - Have you ever noticed that there's something strange about a lot of sargers? It's as if you look at a guy, and you can just TELL that something is missing

Paradigm Shift

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Michael W - I want to talk today about a total shift in your PARADIGM. I'm talking about your entire personal model of reality when it comes to women and what you think you need or don't need.

Reap What You Sow

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Soul - So to be successful yourself, it’s important to be able to IDENTIFY success.

Become What You Want To Attract

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Michael W - This article will help blow apart one hell of a lot of myths, and bring greater clarity to so many issues regarding dating, relationships, attraction, and much more.

Stop Hanging Out With Unsuccessful People

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Soul - Part of being a successful person, whether in dating women, in business or otherwise, means surrounding yourself with good, healthy influences.

Alpha Male

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Carlos Xuma - There are a lot of guys out there sending conflicting information regarding what it is and isn't to be "Alpha." As in "Alpha Man" or "Alpha Male."

Seriously, Don't Be So Serious

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Michael W - One of the most important elements to being successful with women is learning how to not be so serious all the time.

Beating The Game

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Sebastian Drake - How to avoid taking your game into a dead end.