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PUA: (grab unsuspecting SHB by the arm and point at a random dude) "OMG, that guy is PERFECT for you -let me introduce you!!" (start moving towards the guy)

SHB: What?! No.. NONONO.. haha.. Help!

PUA: (to guy) This girl is so shy, but she really wanted to meet you!

SHB: (Giggeling hysterically) Nonono... its not true!(Fleeing)

PUA: Awww come on.. don't be shy..

Both girls were very hot and totally stuck up before I did this. Both of them came back and talked to me several times during the evening, to tell me how crazy I was...

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Tried this on an HB9. In the "new" set, she just looked at me semi-disgusted, then looked at the other guy: "I have no idea what this guy is doing. He just grabbed me and brought me over here. I never said I wanted to meet anyone." That's when she walked off, and I was left standing in front of the other guy.

I would NOT recommend this opener. It relies too much on a very specific action that the target has to complete. Very little room for error.
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Average Rating: 3.64 [Total Votes: 11]
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