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Jlaix is a RSD Real Social Dynamics instructor


Customer reviews for Real Social Dynamics (RSD).

Thug Gangsta Lovin Opener

Average Rating: 2.33 [Total Votes: 9]

Jlaix - Hey guys. I'm doing a poll. Which is superior... which do the ladies prefer more... THUG LOVIN'? or... GANGSTA LOVIN'?

My Little Pony Opener

Average Rating: 2.00 [Total Votes: 7]

Jlaix - Hey, guys... remember that shit 'My Little Pony'? Well, I was thinkin about this today, and I can't remember... did they have powers?

Attack Kitten Routine

Average Rating: 3.22 [Total Votes: 9]

Jlaix - You are so cute! You are like my little ATTACK KITTEN...