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Unfortunately, what you do with your hands can be one of the quickest non-verbal ways to destroy the attraction that a woman feels for you, because the wrong hand movements can communicate that you are a low-status, beta male.

To make matters worse, your hands can be particularly tough to manage because, let's face it, when you feel nervous, the hardest thing in the world is figuring out what to do with your hands!

For success with your dating and seduction of women, make sure you don't make the following body language mistakes with your hands.

MISTAKE ONE. Displaying your anxiety with your hands.

You do this when you:

1) Shred napkins.
2) Make your hands into fists.
3) Sit on your hands.
4) Hold something and play with it.
5) Twiddle your fingers or thumbs.
6) Hold your hands unnaturally still.
7) Sit on your hands to avoid having the woman see them tremble.

Although you might be feeling nervous, the last thing you want to do is to let the woman detect you feel that way.

Instead you want to convey that you're calm and in control. Nothing attracts a woman more than a man who's laid back and confident.

MISTAKE TWO. Putting your fingers into your mouth.

When you bite your nails or otherwise chew on your fingers, you are, according to psychologists, doing the same thing that infants are doing when they suck their mother's breast.

For a baby, breast feeding provides comfort. When we became toddlers, our thumbs replaced our mom's nipple.

And then as adults, biting our thumbnail does the same thing. Ever noticed that when you're out in public, you mainly bite your nails when you're under pressure?

THE SOLUTION. Just hold your hands relaxed on the table.

Rest your forearms on the table, keeping your arms open and letting them drop forward.

Keep your hands and arms open and relaxed. Most of the time this means having them about 18 inches or half a meter apart, your palms facing each other, with fingers curved slightly upward.

As your palms face each other, they should also face the woman. Open palms convey honesty and being completely comfortable with yourself. Having the back of your hands facing her can often convey that you're hiding something.

Demonstrating your confidence can be as easy as that! Stop twiddling your thumbs and watch the women flock to you.

John Alexander is author ofHow to Become an Alpha Male, a dating and seduction success guide for men which will improve your body language and confidence.

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Maybe you could advice me. My partner keeps touching is hair and face when he is talking or explaining something.

What does this actually mean.

Quote Julek's commment
Julek at 06:06AM, Jun 13th 2010.
Teach me those PUA tricks YOU SUCKA EMCCEEE!!!
Quote sucka's commment
sucka at 03:53PM, Sep 29th 2010.
Julek wrote: #
Maybe you could advice me. My partner keeps touching is hair and face when he is talking or explaining something.

What does this actually mean.


It depends on whether he does this all of the time through out the conversation or only after specific statements. It also depends on whether he is touching specifc parts of his face or just overall, and also in what manner / motion. Sometimes this can signify they are not being truthful but when you observe body language you also need to observe the context, the situation, surroundings, how they were feeling at the time and also look at their stance, facial expressions, eye movement etc.
Quote Nobody99's commment
Nobody99 at 09:47PM, Nov 11th 2010.
My friend takes his middle finger from one hand and taps in on the other hands middle two fingers when he see's certain women,. it sounds like sex .. the women love it!!!

when i ask him about his movement he will not answer me. What do you think he is saying..
Quote Gurtrude's commment
Gurtrude at 07:39PM, Feb 7th 2011.
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