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Give Her Pleasure By NOT Caring About How You're Performing

Author: John Alexander

One of the best ways to destroy your full enjoyment of sex is to put pressure on yourself about performing. You can overcome this by…

- Having no expectations. Don’t think. Turn off the analytical portion of your brain. Make no demands on yourself.

- Just focusing on your body’s senses. Feel her soft, warm skin, soak your tongue on her pleasant wetness down below, and hear the melody of her moans. As your brain’s occupied with all of that, it won’t be sabotaging you with thoughts like, “I wonder if I’ll last a long time.”

To the extent that you do think about your performance, think about it in the best possible terms. Do affirmations like, “I am becoming a stallion in the bedroom!” and “I am the best lover she will ever have!”

Because let’s face it, one of the best ways to be successful in the bedroom is to have a massive amount of confidence. If you have a strong sense of self-esteem, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

The sooner you become good at pleasuring women, the better! Ready to get started? Then learn...

How To Be Her Best Lover Ever

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John Alexander

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