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John Barban

John Barban is the author of a new workout called The Adonis Index Workout. The program includes a specifc way to measure your ideal body shape and size and a workout to build it.

Don't Stare, Avoidance Causes Attraction

John Barban - The attention Adhesion theory dictates that people will have a hard time taking their eyes off of two things. 1) A goal (such as an attractive woman) or 2) a rival/threat, such as another alpha male who could steal your attractive woman “goal” away from you.

How To Be Every Womans Type

John Barban - Guys might say they have ‘types’, like blondes, or short and petit, or like girls with blue eyes, or brunettes, whatever…but I’d guess that most of you never refer to your “type” as being “excessively overweight” or “big boned with a great personality”. This is in fact what guys settle for when they think they have no shot at something better looking. Likewise, girls all prefer a guy with a great body - regardless of hair and eye color, or how tall or short he is.

Get The Look Women Can't Resist

John Barban - Women are attracted to a fit and muscular body because it is a sign of masculinity and vitality. However there is an upper limit to how much muscle a guy can have and how hyper masculine a guy can get until it starts to turn off more women than it attracts.

Biggest Mistake In Gym and How To Fix It

John Barban - You, I and everyone else you know go to the gym because it makes us feel good. Even more importantly, we go because it makes us look good. You wouldn't go to the gym if somehow it made you look worse. So what is the specific look that you're trying to achieve?

Overeating Happens For All Reasons, Hunger Not One Of Them

John Barban - Appetite and hunger cravings seem to be one of the new villains in the battle against weight gain and obesity. Nutritional supplement companies, pharmaceutical companies and many new diet books are all targeting these as the primary factors to weight gain.

Never Hit Plateau Again - 3 Phases of Workout

John Barban - You, I and everyone else you know go to the gym because it makes us feel good. Even more importantly, we go because it makes us look good. You wouldn't go to the gym if somehow it made you look worse. So what is the specific look that you're trying to achieve?

3 Measurements To Build Perfect Body

John Barban - Have you ever wondered how we all can spot a person that just looks better? We can even recognize other shapes - a building or a sculpture that just looks 'right'? All people have an inherent ability to recognize beauty when they see it, but few have ever stopped and tried to describe and measure it.

How To Build A Body Women Can't Resist

John Barban - You workout to look good, that is no mystery. The real mystery is what looks good to women. Guys too often make the mistake of working out to impress other guys by trying to be the alpha male. Sure the 300 pound bodybuilder lifting the 150 pound dumbbells might be impressive to power lifters and other bodybuilders, but do most women actually find this kind of enormity attractive?

Skinny Or Average Sized Guys: Building More Muscle Equals More Sex

John Barban - Women find muscular men more sexually attractive. Seems obvious, but it is also proven by research. Time and time again, social psychology research shows that women will choose more muscular men for short term sexual partners, and have sex with them faster without a long dating period. They will also have sex with these types of men without developing an emotional attraction to them first.

Why Set Point Theory Don't Work For Weight Gain or Weight Loss

John Barban - There is a common notion in the fitness and nutrition industry that your body has a specific set point for bodyweight that you cannot deviate from by more than 10-20 pounds. Right off the bat this should set off alarm bells because it does not consider different heights. How could this 10-20 number apply both to a 5’2’ woman, and a 6’5 man. Therefore if this theory has any merit it must be in relation to height and more specifically as a percentage of body size. There are however other problems with set point theory as well.

5 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Weight Loss Goals

John Barban - If you are trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful so far, check to see if you are making any of these common mistakes.

Workout With A Purpose

John Barban - Anything you do in your life that provides a sense of gratitude and is really worth something is usually done with a sense of purpose behind it. Things of little or no value have no purpose behind them and are literally wasted time you can never get back.

Unrated Articles From John Barban


2 Golden Rules For Healthy Eating

John Barban - I think it would be safe to assume that most people understand the importance of exercise and eating some sort of healthy diet to maintain their overall health. I highly doubt anyone would argue that eating fast food, junk food, and sitting on the couch is actually the best way to stay healthy. If this is truly the case, then why is it so difficult for people to get in shape and stay in shape? What is so strong to pull the majority of the population the wrong way? And why isn’t it the other way around?

Like Attracts Like

John Barban - Anyone who says that opposites attract probably aren’t very good looking and are in lousy shape. Think about it, if this were true all the best looking hottest women would be with the worst looking out of shape guys. And all the best looking in shape muscular guys would be with all the ugliest out of shape women…Am I the only person that thinks this is absurd?

How To Attract Any Women

John Barban - If you want to have sex with good looking women and not have them constantly being taken away from you buy other ‘better looking’ guys, you must be the guy she is more attracted to and more interested in having sex with. It is much easier to steal a girl away from a less attractive less muscular and less masculine man.

Are You A Fun Sex Guy Or Long Term Settle Down Guy?

John Barban - Guys have a strong psychological preference for female beauty because an attractive body is a sign of fertility (this is just the scientific explanation for why we find hot women so damn attractive).

How Much Of A Man Are You?

John Barban - On your top 10 list of things that you find attractive in a woman, I’ll bet facial beauty and a nice body account for 9 of the top 10 spots…and in many cases all 10.