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Are You Her Fun Sex Guy, or the Long Term Settle Down Guy?

Author: John Barban

Guys have a strong psychological preference for female beauty because an attractive body is a sign of fertility (this is just the scientific explanation for why we find hot women so damn attractive).

When it comes to what women find attractive we have been lead to believe that they focus less on physical attraction and more on things like earning potential, trustworthiness and commitment. This isn’t entirely accurate as you will see.

This idea that women don’t find physical attractiveness important only applies to women seeking long term partners to settle down with a raise a family. Instead other factors as I mentioned above that promote stability are higher up on her list. But how important are they? And how much can a woman really deny her instincts?

Women notice men with fit muscular bodies whether they admit it or not. Women like a muscular physically fit man because subconsciously she understands that it takes effort and energy to maintain such a look. Subconsciously her mind is telling her that by choosing him as a mate her offspring will benefit from his vigor. This is just core primal instinct at work.

I’m sure if you went out today and asked a dozen women why they are attracted to a guy with a fit body they probably wouldn’t have any answer beyond: “I don’t know, he just looks good!” Well I’m just showing you the scientific reason why she thinks so.

The Trade off…

It is also a generally held belief that women are stuck in a ‘trade off’ position when it comes to choosing a man to have a sex with whenever the urge comes up, compared to choosing a man to settle down and have a long term relationship with, with the goal of raising children.

For a fun and sex only based relationship, women will be more likely to choose a man based on physical appearance, whereas in a long term partner she will be looking for other traits like commitment and ability to provide for children. The trade off comes in at this point because the look of a man that she is interested in for a short term sexual relationship is also the look of a guy who typically is not interested in a long term commitment and doesn’t need to work to get sex. I’m sure you know people that fit into these descriptions perfectly.

The ideal situation for a woman looking for a long term relationship would be to land a man with the looks and body of the typical “fun and sex guy” who also has the psychological “long term relationship type guy” characteristics as well. But there aren’t too many guys who fit this mold. I don’t know about you , but I don’t know too many guys who purposely choose to settle down with one woman if they can have more.

This is the catch 22 for women, because men who have the looks and body to attract women for short term sexual relationships can have as many of these relationships as they want. Unless raising a family is a high priority for a man like this, there really isn’t any incentive for him to pursue a long term sexual exclusive relationship with any one particular woman because he knows he can always have another. This is simply a law of supply and demand. How’s that for a completely unromantic way of describing sexual relationships?!

The instinct to be with a muscular man is partly due to the woman’s subconscious desire to have her offspring inherit his muscular traits as well. Even the ability to build muscle from exercise is an inherited trait.

I’m not trying to say that women want to sleep with muscular guys so they can give birth to the incredible hulk. What I am showing you is the reason why being in shape and having a muscular body does matter and how it is rooted deep in a woman’s subconscious.

This might sound like a bunch of science mumbo jumbo, but you can see examples of these animalistic instincts in our daily lives.

I’m just showing you what drives our actions. We still have very basic instincts driving our sexual desire and a strong healthy body is definitely desirable to women weather they admit it or not.

This means one of your first orders of business should be hitting the gym with the right program like the Adonis Index Workout to start building your body to its fullest potential and attract any woman you want. It’s really up to you, do you want to be an object of desire to all women, or the safe alternative she wants to settle down with!?

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