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Get The Look That Women Can’t Resist

Author: John Barban

Women are attracted to a fit and muscular body because it is a sign of masculinity and vitality. However there is an upper limit to how much muscle a guy can have and how hyper masculine a guy can get until it starts to turn off more women than it attracts.

For things like money and social status there is never a ‘too much’ point. However, for things like muscle mass there is definitely a too much point. Women reported having a lower attraction and less desire for overly masculine and over muscled men, you know the big overstuffed bodybuilder types. They assume these men are less trustworthy, more volatile, selfish, impulsive, threatening and dangerous. Scaring women away is definitely not the look that most men are after. So now we know that too big and too masculine isn’t going to work. But too small and too feminine obviously isn’t the answer either.

A very feminine small looking man isn’t really going to attract too many women either, as she will view him as weak and submissive.

So what is the answer?

There is a look that is ideal; it’s not too big, it’s not too small. It’s not the ultra masculine male, and it’s not the effeminate metro sexual skinny look. It is in fact a measureable shape and size that the greatest number of women will find attractive.

This look isn’t the exact middle of the road body either as that would not excite any woman, after all ordinary or average, or mediocre never will be desirable. The look and size is closer to the higher end of muscle mass and masculinity. But it straddles a fine line of not pushing it too far. Knowing how far to go, and where to stop is the key to building the body all women desire. And I’m not making this up, you probably already are relating to what I am saying and there is hard research to back it up. Just read on.

When women were shown pictures of different sizes of men, women always rated male figures that were classified as “Brawny”, “Built” and “Toned” as more sexually desirable than figures that were categorized as “Slender”, “Typical”, or “Chubby”. Women rated men with moderate muscularity as the most attractive, rather than the highest or lowest muscular level. In other words, muscularity up to a point is attractive, but past that point it becomes unattractive, with the highest and lowest levels being the least attractive. Women also chose a more muscular body as the one they were most likely to have short term sexual relationships with.

Check this out…

When surveyed women reported that their most recent short term sex partners were more muscular and more athletic than their other recent non-short term sex partners. Even more interesting is that they dated these more muscular guys for a shorter period of time before gave it up, on average 1 week vs 12 weeks! How is that for results!

In other words, if you’ve got the body these women want, you’re going to get them in bed by the end of the week, if not sooner. If you don’t have the body, you’ve got about 3 months of dating and ‘getting to know you’ stuff to do before you get some play. Can you say “waste of time?!”

Another bonus for you guys who don’t want to deal with clingy girls and messy ‘break ups’ is the fact that girls who had sex with the more muscular men right away felt less emotional attachment to them!

This is pretty hard core proof that when you strip away the thoughts of long term relationships and raising a family, and marriage and all of those other things, women at their core are just like men. They just want to have sex! And lots of it!

They are subconsciously attracted to men with muscular fit bodies and want to have sex with them now, immediately, if not sooner! AND, with this simple desire to have sex, the follow through does not require emotional attachment or any great degree of romanticism. Pure raw physical attraction, that’s it!

For all you guys who don’t think women want to throw down as soon as they see a guy they are attracted to, think again. It might not be immediate within the first hour, but certainly by the end of that day or at the second encounter it is definitely realistic. So your next order of business should be getting the right body shape pronto!

The look that will get these results is a precise shape and size that any man can achieve through the right workout program and paying a bit of attention to his eating habits. It is actually a very attainable look for almost any man. This is what 99% of everybody that goes to the gym is working for; the look that will draw people to you, the look that will land every woman’s eyes on you. I’m talking about the golden ratio and the perfect Adonis Index Score. To Learn more about how you can become a sexual magnet for women:

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John Barban is the author of a new workout called The Adonis Index Workout. The program includes a specifc way to measure your ideal body shape and size and a workout to build it.

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