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How To Attract Any Woman

Author: John Barban

If you want to have sex with good looking women and not have them constantly being taken away from you buy other ‘better looking’ guys, you must be the guy she is more attracted to and more interested in having sex with. It is much easier to steal a girl away from a less attractive less muscular and less masculine man.

Women will tend to choose a less attractive less muscular, less fit man for a long term partner because she feels that he is safer and will most likely not cheat on her or leave her. The ironic part is that she will cheat on this man with other more muscular and fit, and overall more masculine man who really gets her sexual juices flowing.

So which one do you want to be?

You can be her sports car that she wants to drive fast with the top down to get a thrill, or you can be her reliable minivan that she goes to the grocery store with. I think you and I both know the answer to this one.

The key characteristics that women look for in a short term sexual partner are the right ‘type’ of muscular body, overall attractiveness and self confidence. In other words she wants and good looking, fit, built guy who isn’t a wuss. This goes for women who are single as well as women who currently have a ‘partner’. It doesn’t even matter if she is married this is still what she desires at a subconscious level.

Women are faced with a dilemma when choosing partners. They tend not to trust that a better looking fit, muscular, masculine man will stay with her for the long term, however this is the body type that she is most animalistically attracted to.

Women tend to make a compromise and choose a man with less raw physical attraction for her longer term mate simply because she believes he will stay with her. But this doesn’t change the fact that this same woman is still attracted to a more muscular masculine man.

As a result many of these women will eventually give in to this attraction and ‘cheat’ on their conservative partner to have her urges satisfied with the more muscular and masculine man she has always wanted. Just go to your local book store and look at the cover of the racy romance (soft core porn) novels women always read. You can bet the guy on the cover is an Adonis, muscular and in great shape, not some average guy with about 20 extra pounds around his waist and a receding hairline. Women fantasize about being seduced by the guy on the cover, not by their conservative partners. There is a reason why these books sell so well! Women want to be seduced, and not just by any guy, but by a masculine muscular lean guy.

The exact shape of the man that women are subconsciously attracted to is something that can actually be measured. Research shows that women are attracted to a man who has a specific shoulder to waist ratio indicating a V-taper (wide shoulders, slim narrow waist). I’m sure at this point you’re thinking, well no duh! But what if I told you there was an EXACT shoulder to waist ration that the majority of women found the MOST attractive, and that there is in fact a size that is too big and a size that is too small! Now I’ll bet you’re interested.

Women rated that the attractiveness of these different shoulder to waist ratios progressively increased until they peaked at one specific ratio 1-1.618, at which point anything beyond it was deemed less attractive. In other words, there is a specific shoulder to waist ratio that will make any man look his most attractive to women. Now that you’ve got the target and know there is a shape she wants, the next step is building it.

This shape can be built with a targeted weight training workout program like the Adonis Index Workout and some sensible nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, average, or fat. The Adonis Index Workout includes programs for every starting size and shapes you into your perfect ratio.

This is an intelligent application of attraction psychology research and exercise physiology. You’ve got the target, and the map to get there. Just going to the gym to ‘get in shape’ isn’t enough, now you can actually get into the exact shape she will be attracted to. So what are you waiting for?

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John Barban is the author of a new workout called The Adonis Index Workout. The program includes a specifc way to measure your ideal body shape and size and a workout to build it.

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