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Like Attracts Like

Author: John Barban

Anyone who says that opposites attract probably aren’t very good looking and are in lousy shape. Think about it, if this were true all the best looking hottest women would be with the worst looking out of shape guys. And all the best looking in shape muscular guys would be with all the ugliest out of shape women…Am I the only person that thinks this is absurd?

Truth is like attracts like, and this is especially true when it comes to sexual partners. Social competition for sexual partners is fierce and both women and men alike are constantly shifting their view of themselves depending on their surroundings. It’s up to you to keep your body, and your self-image at a point where you aren’t rattled by the presence of other guys.

Research shows that men lowered their self perception when exposed to other socially dominant males. In other words if you are a socially dominant male, you can actually cause the other men in a room to lower their view of themselves. One way to become socially dominant is by building a superior body that other men are jealous of. As soon as they see you they will change their perception of themselves. Women pick up on this and realize that you are the dominant male in the room. It becomes a snow ball effect.

The same thing happens with women. When exposed to more attractive women a girl will lower her self-perception.

What ends up happening is that dominant males are the only ones with access to the most beautiful women as this is consistent with both the man and woman’s self perception. Quality beautiful women don’t settle for guys who aren’t exactly what they want, this means you have to have a body that is as hot to her as her body is to you.

It is well within your grasp to build a body that any women will be attracted to. The Adonis Index Workout is my trademarked workout that is scientifically designed to build you into your perfect proportions that women are subconsciously attracted to. It doesn’t matter if you need to burn fat, build muscle or both, I’ve created a system that can bring you to your perfect proportions in record time.

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John Barban is the author of a new workout called The Adonis Index Workout. The program includes a specifc way to measure your ideal body shape and size and a workout to build it.

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