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Wayne Elise aka Juggler Founder of Charisma Arts

Wayne Elise aka The "Juggler" founder of Charisma Arts.


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Interview WIth Wayne Elise aka Juggler

A 32 page downloadable pdf interview where Wayne Elise answering questions from opening all the way to closing the girl.

Anti-Slut Defence ASD

Wayne Elise Juggler - ASD is an oft-used term in the seduction community This is an acronym for Anti-Slut Defense. The idea behind this is that a woman will resist anything that makes her feel easy. This is a common misunderstanding of women...

Tips To Overcome Approach Anxiety

Wayne Elise Juggler - How do you get over approach anxiety? Anxiety is like a fire. The best way to extinguish anxiety is to smoother it. Anxiety's oxygen is time. If you have time to think about something you will become anxious...

Getting Out of Your Head

Wayne Elise aka Juggler - Before I became a pick up artist I was a street performer. The idea of street performing is to get a few people to become interested and stop and then build a huge crowd of fifty, a hundred, two hundred people around them.

Two Common Approach Mistakes

Wayne Elise Juggler - Don't make these two common mistakes when approaching women.

The Tao of Judgement

Wayne Elise Juggler - An amateur rushes his words because he doesn't want to be judged. He wants to zip through to the end. He is so afraid of putting himself on the line that he will avoid at all costs giving her a chance to judge him. He seeks control and surety...

The "I" Perspective

Wayne Elise Juggler - Let's look at another element of a good approach: Letting her get to know you a little. When I approach a woman I want her to joke around, share her opinions, reveal a weakness. I want her to be her real self. I can't find her sexy if I don't get to know her a bit...

Forcing IOIs

Wayne Elise Juggler - An intriguing idea for manipulating girls into giving you IOIs.

About SOIs

NightVision - This is part of Juggler's response of one of his student's question on building attraction and explains why we should be using SOIs (Signs Of Intent) in our interactions with women.

Zen And Compliments

Wayne Elise Juggler - Conventional wisdom in the seduction community is that a woman who cannot accept a compliment has low self esteem. I think there is some truth in that but a lot of delusion as well. The big reason a woman you have just met does not accept your compliment is that to do so is to accept you as an authority in their life...

The Tale of Relation

Wayne Elise Juggler - So often you and I try to relate to what she says. That is fine. However, we want her to be relating to us as well. We value ourselves when we only drive down two-way streets. So how in the world do we get her relating to us?

Going Through The Window

Wayne Elise aka Juggler - As you sit with her the vibe gets intimate. You get closer. It is loud so you may be whispering in her ear. The moment comes. You feel it. The window opens. You step through and lead her to nirvanna with you, the master of cool...

Mixed Set Openers

Wayne Elise Juggler - A mixed set is a set that has male as well as female members.

Using SOIs

Wayne Elise Juggler - The great thing about SOIs is that they can put you in a frame where the girl and you are talking about the two of you having sex. She can not do this without imagining having sex with you.

In Town Out of Town Game

Wayne Elise Juggler - We all know you are more effective at getting girls digging you when you are in some other country, county or hamlet than your own. You are an exotic quantity. Personally, I like that feeling...

Secret Snap Handshake

Wayne Elise Juggler - Do something unusual as a handshake with a girl. Her: “what was that?”..

Girlfriend Test

Wayne Elise Juggler - To be my girlfriend (or lover) is a prestigious and exclusive thing. There's a test...

Magic Kiss Close

Wayne Elise Juggler - Do you want to see a magic trick? Its not a very good one I’m afraid. Alright close your eyes...


Wayne Elise Juggler - No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition.

Jugglers Structure

Wayne Elise Juggler - It is important to structure you encounters with girls. Within that structure plan the close.

Approaching Women In Clubs

Wayne Elise Juggler - When I enter a night club I am a little nervous. It’s dark. People are dressed up. I don’t know anyone and people as a rule are standoffish. But as I begin to talk to those first few people I make friends. I begin to feel relaxed and then I spread out.

Phone Guidelines

Wayne Elise Juggler - This will help some guys who have difficulties over the telephone. People with very different styles from mine may not consider this useful. But for most this should help.



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