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Approaching Women In Clubs

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

When I enter a night club I am a little nervous. It’s dark. People are dressed up. I don’t know anyone and people as a rule are standoffish. But as I begin to talk to those first few people I make friends. I begin to feel relaxed and then I spread out.

I have recently realized that the average would-be pick-up artist approaches his seduction environment quite differently. He runs around and does sets. He may do 5-20 cold approaches per night. He has to re-motivate himself, re-calibrate, decide on an opener and approach 5-20 times. This seems alien to me and frankly I think it is time to consider it an old-fashioned concept.

When you go out you should do 1 cold approach - the first one. After that the rest are warm approaches. You bounce off of people. You establish roots. You make friends.

One of my favorite things is to become friends with a group of people and then catch the eye of a girl, smile, wave and approach. I am not a strange guy approaching, I am the ambassador of my group. You can literally meet everyone in a club this way.

This is not advanced. What it takes is a commitment to see other people as possible friends and not as possible enemies. It takes an ability to establish trust and make friends quickly.

Check out How to Meet and Connect with Women - it contains the philosophy that I have worked years to learn and refine:

  • The Interesting/Interested model of interaction.
  • Rapport and Vibing: You know, that thing that is 95% of your conversation.
  • EXACTLY how to approach. Body language. How to ask questions.
  • The difference between sexual obsession and sexual interest.
  • Being the Alpha Buddha and giving away your approval.
  • Simple things you need to know to keep a conversation moving.
  • Statements of Intent: When to put your hand on the table.
  • Making presumptions: Have high expectations for everyone you meet.
  • Finding comfort and presence in silence.
  • Moving towards intimacy and closing.

Also download my free 32 page interview pdf where I give insights into inner and outer game.

Wayne Elise "Juggler"

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