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"To be my girlfriend (or lover) is a prestigious and exclusive thing. There's a test."

Curiosity being what it is, she will want to take the test. There are three multiple-choice questions. Take out a pen and write the correct answers on paper and place in her palm.

1. Which do you enjoy more? A shower or a warm bath?
2. What is the sexiest food? Whipped crème, chocolate syrup or strawberries?
3. What feels better? Kisses on your neck or nibbling on your ear?

The correct answers are bath, strawberries and kisses on the neck.

If she gets the last question wrong:  "I can't be with you if you really believe this (nibble ear) feels better than this (kiss neck)."

If she gets it right: "I'm glad you like this (nibble or kiss). It is so much better than this (kiss or nibble)."

Whether she gets them right may or may not matter to you. I usually don't care but I have been known to walk away from a hot girl when she got a question wrong. She will also respect you for putting the interaction at risk. You are further demonstrating you are not just accepting any girl.

Wayne Elise "Juggler"

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Straight up
Very nice, although if she gets it wrong, instead of walking away you could say:

"Well thats a shame, but you know what... ill still let you be my friend"

# or Facebook-close

This may also make her chase you even more
Quote Straight up's commment
Straight up at 09:54AM, Sep 24th 2010.
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Average Rating: 3.76 [Total Votes: 22]
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