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Going Through The Window

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

As you sit with her the vibe gets intimate. You get closer. It is loud so you may be whispering in her ear. The moment comes. You feel it. The window opens. You step through and lead her to nirvanna with you, the master of cool.

How do you do it? By letting her know you find her attractive. By going direct.

A woman will rarely lead and yet she is sick of having platonic intereactions with 'safe' men. She wants sex, rommance, tension. She wants it so bad that she will help out. But only if you lead her. If you miss the window she will begin to pull away out of boredom. Only you going direct is interesting enough then.

You: "Yeah, what I like about you is that not only are you attractive but you are a good conversationalist as well." *Message delivered

Her: "I like your chin."
You: "Kiss me."

Wayne Elise "Juggler"

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