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Tips To Overcome Approach Anxiety

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

How do you get over approach anxiety? Anxiety is like a fire. The best way to extinguish anxiety is to smoother it. Anxiety's oxygen is time. If you have time to think about something you will become anxious. Don't give yourself time. Find all those moments when you would be thinking of approaching and squish them out of existence.

For instance, don't make up an opener from a distance. That gives you too much time to become anxious, as you second guess yourself, search for the right opener and make the walk over to her. That crap gives you too much time to think. Instead as soon as you see someone who looks interesting walk to within conversational distance and then create an opener. Chances are you will have come up with something that is natural and much more in the moment and unrehearse sounding. Sure you may say something stupid - you are putting yourself on the spot. But at least you will say something and not spend time being anxious about it.

Also, give up the need for perfection. Here is a tip about perfectionists: they don't do anything. Resign yourself to not saying the perfect thing. Trying to say the perfect thing only puts too much importance on the interaction. Give yourself permission to confidently and unremorsefully say less than perfect things. You want to play loose, carefree and a little dangerous with the interaction - that is sexy....

Check out How to Meet and Connect with Women - it contains the philosophy that I have worked years to learn and refine:

  • The Interesting/Interested model of interaction.
  • Rapport and Vibing: You know, that thing that is 95% of your conversation.
  • EXACTLY how to approach. Body language. How to ask questions.
  • The difference between sexual obsession and sexual interest.
  • Being the Alpha Buddha and giving away your approval.
  • Simple things you need to know to keep a conversation moving.
  • Statements of Intent: When to put your hand on the table.
  • Making presumptions: Have high expectations for everyone you meet.
  • Finding comfort and presence in silence.
  • Moving towards intimacy and closing.

Also download my free 32 page interview pdf where I give insights into inner and outer game.

Wayne Elise "Juggler"

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