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In Town Out Of Town Game

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

We all know you are more effective at getting girls digging you when you are in some other country, county or hamlet than your own. You are an exotic quantity. Personally, I like that feeling. When the London girls overhear my 'drab' Midwestern draw they think I must be some famous American actor, drug dealer or monster truck driver. In other words, I seem cool.

But alas, when I fly back home I sound like just another dude. Sigh...

But last week, as I taught a private client here in Ann Arbor, I decided, hell-be-bent, I was going to run out of town game. How did I do that? Well, I've been practicing an Irish accent (I have an Irish fetish). So I talked the entire time in that accent. And though my client may have been annoyed some times with my, "Try to run a weee bit o kino m'lad," we experienced tons of reactions. Chicks were intrigued when they heard me order "a pint for me self and me friend." And we were also following rule #4 of pick up: Make it fun.

There is something about taking on a 'fake' persona that is freeing. I highly recommend it. You will say, touch and humor like you have never said, touched and humored before. And as my o'paddy used to say, "Thems the point of the whole fukin thin."

The secret to convincingly faking an accent is to go all out. Don't relent. Some people will question your accent. Don't leave character.

Another tip: Don't insist you are from out of town but rather that you are local. Only a guy who is from out of town would do that. Reverse psychology that is and heck, she can never accuse you later of not being truthful.

Her: "Where are you from?"

You: "Just from over there darling. I shot up here on the other side of those wood o'er there."

If you are interested in trying this buy a book on accents. Try, 'Accents A Manual for Acting by Robert Blumenfeld' Or rent a movie with accents. Braveheart is great for Scottish.

Give you alter-ego a fun name. I like ones that sound vaguely ominous: Lucifer, Drake or Spike comes to mind.

Love you guys,

Wayne Elise "Juggler" aka Shamus:)

PS. Five dollars to the first English PUA I meet who perfects an American accent....

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