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Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

The best transition... is no transition?

No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition. No transition.

Go right into something that is very different from the last thing. After the hair thing, ask if they have any pets or ask what fun things they are doing this summer, talk about your trip to the amusement park or how your socks are really really tight or your brother who just ran away to join the carnival, whatever... Then push them together and do a street levitation (no props needed). Then talk about how you just broke up with your girlfriend even though she loved you deeply, you bastard.

Act out each of these routines/stories with appropriate emotions and expressions and do not look for ways to transition between them.

Transitions are for the weak minded. Look at it this way, when you first approach you are introducing a new state. There is no or little transition. Now you think that was the hard part. But in reality you need to re-open continuously by introducing new topics that are completely unrelated to the last. That is taking charge.

As soon as you know the topic is going to stall out or not be interesting anymore just pick it up and move it to another topic which is fresh and hopefully, a lot different from the last.

Regular people never do that in real life because they are afraid of cutting people off or not being able to make a new topic interesting, or worried about taking charge etc.. The problem is that when no one takes charge of the conversation and hopes it just goes in a good direction, the interaction has no magic, no zing or snap. And you end up trying to force these unnatural transitions. Don't do that. Be powerful. Be transition free!

Check out How to Meet and Connect with Women - it contains the philosophy that I have worked years to learn and refine:

  • The Interesting/Interested model of interaction.
  • Rapport and Vibing: You know, that thing that is 95% of your conversation.
  • EXACTLY how to approach. Body language. How to ask questions.
  • The difference between sexual obsession and sexual interest.
  • Being the Alpha Buddha and giving away your approval.
  • Simple things you need to know to keep a conversation moving.
  • Statements of Intent: When to put your hand on the table.
  • Making presumptions: Have high expectations for everyone you meet.
  • Finding comfort and presence in silence.
  • Moving towards intimacy and closing.

Also download my free 32 page interview pdf where I give insights into inner and outer game.

Wayne Elise "Juggler"

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