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Two Common Approaching Mistakes

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler"

Mistake #1 Showing sexual interest in a woman too soon.

Result: Women are turned off.

Women are repulsed by a man who is interested in them just because of their appearance. Why? Because women presume a man who is worth having takes work getting.

Mistake #2 Never showing sexual interest.

Result: Women place the man in the 'friends' or 'possibly gay' category. After a man interacts with a woman for too long without flirting she can only see him in a platonic way. He becomes like a brother and not too many women make out with their brothers.

So when does a man show his sexual interest? The answer is 3:35 minutes into the conversation. No, just kidding.

You show your interest when you learn something compelling and unique about a woman. This is so you can base your sexual interest off of an aspect of her personality.

Can you be attracted to her drawings or the fact she runs five miles every morning without fail? No. But you can be attracted to her passion for finding truth through her art or her strength to push herself every morning. The unique qualities of a woman are sexy. And when you base your interest off of them she sees you are not desperate or gay but rather are a man who took more to win over, a man of substance and value, a sexy man.

Every woman has unique and compelling qualities about her. As Johnny Saviour says, "Our job is to find those things out."

Now if you are a man you are probably thinking, 'That sounds dandy Wayne but I have had moments when I have just walked up to a woman and it was ON.'

Yes, those moments exist and they can be intoxicating. You make eye contact across a crowded room and there is electricity. However, if you really look at those moments closely you will find that moment is 'mutual'. For whatever reason, the two of you are sharing your unique and compelling selves in a look. This 'justifies' the attraction and sparks can begin to fly. However, even in this case, in order to escalate the nature of the interaction toward a sexual or romantic outcome you must base further steps in the attraction process on more of each other's unique and compelling qualities - have fun.

So, what this all comes down to is that there are two skills to learn for a man: How to make a woman feel comfortable enough to display her unique self and how to show your sexual interest when she does. Those are the two things Charisma Arts teaches very well.

Check out How to Meet and Connect with Women - it contains the philosophy that I have worked years to learn and refine:

  • The Interesting/Interested model of interaction.
  • Rapport and Vibing: You know, that thing that is 95% of your conversation.
  • EXACTLY how to approach. Body language. How to ask questions.
  • The difference between sexual obsession and sexual interest.
  • Being the Alpha Buddha and giving away your approval.
  • Simple things you need to know to keep a conversation moving.
  • Statements of Intent: When to put your hand on the table.
  • Making presumptions: Have high expectations for everyone you meet.
  • Finding comfort and presence in silence.
  • Moving towards intimacy and closing.

Also download my free 32 page interview pdf where I give insights into inner and outer game.

All the best,

' Wayne Elise "Juggler" '...

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