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Wayne Elise aka Juggler Interview

Author: Wayne Elise "Juggler" , NightVision

Do you know Wayne Elise aka Juggler? He is one of the Guru’s in Neil Strauss book “The Game”, and his advice articles are highly rated by readers on Seduction Tuition. A while ago an email was sent out to all subscribers that I will be having an interview with Wayne and allowed you guys to ask any question you like.  Well, the interview has finally taken place and we have bundled it into a nice 32 page pdf and mp3 for you to grab!

Wayne Elise aka Juggler pua

Here are just some of the questions asked:

What type of nonverbal openers do you use?
What is your body language when you approach a group?
What kind of conversation do you get into after the opener?
How do you go from a platonic vibe to a personal one?
How can we show our emotional side without being seen as “just friends?”
How do you stop moving targets in the day time?
What is the most effective way of creating sexual tension?
Should we look for IOIs?
What if she says “I have a boyfriend?”
How do you handle noisy clubs?
What is your body language in noisy clubs?
How do you do physical escalation in clubs?
What is the fastest way to build value in a club?
What is the Charisma Arts Structure?
How do you stop moving targets in the day time?
How do you feel about gifts and dinner invitations?
and more!

Considering Wayne charges 250 dollars per hour for phone coaching, this was your chance to get your questions answered for errr f-r-e-e:)

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