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Oriental Hot Tub of Sex

Vin DiCarlo aka Woodhaven - I am convinced that LRs are the most valuable learning tool on this entire board. In particular, I have found the LR tutorials of TokyoPUA extremely helpful. And, since he is back in Boston, I thought I would pay homage and write this one up in a similar manner.

How To REALLY Run a 2 Set

Razorjack - NightVision - This lay report is a good example of handling AMOGs...

My First Threesome

Ironic, really. I'd just spent the morning monkeying around Edinburgh, and I'd bought a book on philosophy and a new copy of Neil Strauss's The Game, having given my original away as a present to a clueless chum. It was still early afternoon, so I dropped in to a pub I used to work at on Edinburgh's Royal Mile....

You're a Celebrity, Lets Fuck

Sebastian Drake - If a woman tells you she's 26 and looks 26... she's damn near 40." -Chris Rock, "No Sex in the Champagne Room".

Same Day Lay: 18 Year Old Virgin

Jeremy Soul - I’m not really one for writing detailed LRs, but I wanted to break this one down just to demonstrate what is possible in Day Game.

Direct Game Facebook Pickup

Jeremy Soul - Here's a facebook lay I got a couple of months ago - I wrote this up and should probably post it at some point!