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Direct Game Facebook Pickup

Author: Soul

Here's a facebook lay I got a couple of months ago - I wrote this up and should probably post it at some point! This girl was seriously hot by the way, wish i could post the picture but it's not really right to do!

Full Breakdown of a Direct Pickup on Facebook

This is girl I came across on facebook, when I was adding another chick that I had met while doing day game. I saw this girl’s picture and was blown away, so sent a quick message. Some facebook messaging, texts and phone calls later and this girl has agreed to meet me to have sex.

The transcript and commentary below details how I got from me saying, “Jesus Christ you are gorgeous”... to her saying, “I’m sure me pleasing myself wouldn’t feel anything like you deep inside ofme. My body twisting, moaning and begging for you to force yourself deeper and not to stop.”

Here’s how it went down.

Soul: Jesus Christ you are gorgeous. X

This is my opening line. It’s simple, direct, and used as a screener. If she responds, then she’s complying with my attempt to pick her up. If she doesn’t respond, then I can move on to someone else without wasting my time.

Jenny 6:02pm Feb 1st

Soul 6:07pm Feb 1st
You are such a tease. There are only pictures of your daughter and a cat on your facebook!! Can't believe you don't have any more of your gorgeous self.

You daughter is so cute by the way. You look like you're half Asian?

I'm Sri Lankan. talk to me :-)

Jenny 6:09pm Feb 1st
Everyone in the whole world says I look Asian! I’m actualy half Caribbean half English! And my daughter is half Turkish Cypriot! My cat’s the same mix as me!

I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the Asian thing. I think it’s always best NOT to mention things that most other guys would mention or point out. I ride it out anyway.

Soul 6:12pm Feb 1st
Are you hooked up with someone? If not, you must at least have ten guys beating down your door.

I don't normally like waiting in queues, but give me a magazine to read and I would quite happily take ticket 11!!

You are so ridiculously hot it's not even funny.

You are either a supermodel or a cat-loving spinster I reckon. Am I close??

I continue being direct so she knows I’m not a pussy and that I am going to try to get into her pants. I inject a bit of humour to lighten things up so she sees me as a fun person to talk with and doesn’t feel any pressure.

I get no response to this last message before I head out for Friday night, so I go and have a great weekend. On Monday I remember that she never got back to me, so I chase her a little.

Soul 6:36pm Feb 4th
Jenny, you are too hot to be acting so aloof.

How was your day? ;-)

Jenny 6:37pm Feb 4th
It was good good. How about you? How funny!

She’s complied by responding. I’ve already shown her my confident and funny sides, so now I tell her a bit more about myself to build comfort – this way she’s knows I’m not just a dick on legs and can actually rationalise her attraction to me, which she’ll need to do if she is going to meet up with me.

Soul 6:41pm Feb 4th
It was interesting. My whole life is in flux at the moment as I'm trying to figure out where to take my career - do I take the plunge, quit my job and become the serial entrepeneur that I know I am capable of being, or do I work my 9-5 for a few more months.

What do you do with yourself darling, besides looking absolutely gorgeous at all times (if I was you I would look in the mirror and wink seductively at myself all day)? x

Jenny 6:48pm Feb 4th
You seize the opportunities that arise with both hands. I just broke up with my daughter’s dad so I’m trying to sort my life out!

Here’s a good opportunity to be empathetic, and also to qualify her on being a good mother, something which is bound to resonate deeply with her.

Soul 6:55pm Feb 4th
How long ago? I'm so sorry darling, that must be really rough. How long were you guys together?

Your daughter really is cute by the way, and I've a suspicion you're a great mother.

Well I don't know how much better I can make you feel over facebook, so let's change the topic. What do you in your spare time, you know for fun?

PS: if the answer is "I have a young daughter, I don't have fun anymore!!" then tell me about what you used to do for fun! :-)
Jenny 6:58pm Feb 4th
Five years together. I’m a party animal! Just turned! You?

Here I give a very broad answer that shows a range of value across different areas. I don’t go into too much detail, as I want to see what she picks up on so I can figure out how to best build a connection with her.

Soul 7:05pm Feb 4th
Five years, damn. I'm sure you're gonna be fine sweetie - everything will work itself out.

I party, I play, I work, I dance, I talk, I charm.

What sort of places do you party at?

Jenny 7:06pm Feb 4th
Anywhere with music and alcohol, baby! What do you do?

At this point it’s clear that she’s invested in the interaction as she’s responding to my messages and asking questions back. There’s no point staying in the same medium (facebook); this is a classic point where I need to escalate things to a higher degree of interaction..

Soul 7:07pm Feb 4th
Why are we sending a million messages back and forth?? I think we should take this interaction to the next level - text.

What's your number darling? I'm going to text you when I'm out partying tonight :-)

Jenny 7:08pm Feb 4th
Text is good! 07XXX XXX XXX

Rather than text her later as suggested and as she expected, I immediately call her – my phone game is solid and I know I can charm her and keep her thinking about me for a while with a quick 5 minute phone call. I call her, make her laugh, talk a bit, and then get ready to go out.

A few days pass. In this time. I try to arrange a meeting with her, and we loosely fix an outing with her mates for Friday night. On Friday she cancels due to her friends flaking. I had a backup anyway, as I never felt it was fixed securely. On saturday night, I’m exhausted and come home early. I remember Jenny and send her a text to see if she’s up…

What are you up to right now darling? X

She responds and we start chat on the phone for about twenty minutes. Speaking to a girl late in the night is always good – their emotions are much more pliable when they’re alone in bed and you can normally raise the sexuality level very easily. I make her laugh and smile, lower the tone and pace of my voice and put a hint of directness in everything I say. I don’t get too explicit yet as I’m still calibrating as to how fast to escalate with her.

After our chat, I send her a text so that she has something tangible to anchor all the good feelings I just stimulated in her to…

Big goodnight kiss for you darling. I like you :-) sleep tight x

Thank you! I like you too honey. I’ll give you lots of goodnight kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I gave you 17 kisses because that’s my lucky number) :-)

Stop it, you’re making me smile! Haha, you know I haven’t had a Saturday night in in ages, but it feels so good. I’m gonna give you more kisses back and stroke your cheeks. X

Here I’m trying to escalate things further. If she’s responsive then I will keep on escalating until we get to the sexual tipping point or she stops complying.

Well I haven’t had a Saturday nigth in since last Saturday! I’m glad I make you smile. That’s my aim in life, to be a clown! I’m going to give you more kisses, stroke your cheeks and run my hand down your stomach…

Darling, you are making me want to run my hand through your hair and kiss you passionately. And then turn you round and kiss the back of your neck… you are too sweet.

MIAOW! Taking the bull by the horns are we?! I think you’re hot! I love your face. I saw your muscles.. so sexy. Your arms are so huge. I like your skin colour too. Has your ego been massaged enough? Oh and I LOVE your voice. It’s super sexy.

It would be too obvious at this point to give a super sexual escalation response, so I pull it back and bring the comfort levels up again – my overall concern here is NOT to just be a guy she thinks about when she’s horny, but also a guy she can imagine spending time with when she’s not.

You know what I love about you? How open and honest you are, I’m just the same. Really want to cuddle up with you, chat and fall alseep right now. So tired! x

I think my honesty and my openness are my biggest flaws. I’m tired too. Would love a snuggle on those arms. I’d probably want a bit more too though ;-)

Honey, if I wasn’t so tired and needed sleep, I would get in a taxi right now amd give you exactly what you needed. Til then, I’ll just imagine it ;-) x

Well you’re free to imagine what you want. I give you permission to explore my whole body ;-) I’m going to bed now though cos I need sleep too. Will text tomorrow if you want. X

The night passes…

Darling it’s morning and I’m still thinking about you. Wish you were here so I could slide in between your legs and fuck you all morning long… xxx

What a text to wake up to! Have I created a monster? You’re a tiger.

Hehe, good morning kisses for you. hope you had a good sleep?I feel so much more rested now. Gonna have a good breakfast too x

I’m so relaxed I’m finding it hard to move. Glad you feel refreshed. What are you having for breakfast other than fantasies of what we could be doing together?!

There’s a two hour break in our texting when one of my girls comes over for breakfast and sex. After she leaves, Jenny and I continue texting all day. I run some standard comfort stuff – again, all in the interests of preventing flaking – and also spike sexuality levels by being direct and describing sexual things we are going to do together, e.g. eat ice cream off each other.

I try to arrange a meet up, but between her trying to find a babysitter and me travelling to Las Vegas for the next week it has to wait til I get back. I’m aware that I need to keep myself in the forefront of her mind as I leave, so that even if she hooks up with someone else in the interim, she still wants me when I get back.

The next day at work I am horny as fuck thinking about her and send her a text…

Baby, I wanna bounce you up and down on my dick and then bend you over my desk at work – so I can fuck you senseless while we both enjoy the view over London. X

How can you be having these thoughts when you should be working. That body, firm and toned between my legs, I’m going to explode before we meet! I’ll make sure I have ice cream but you have to bring protection because I’m a lady and would never buy those things!

This is so on…

Sounds like a plan darling. So confirmed a) I’m seein you Friday XXth, b) You’re sending me pictures so I can shoot my load over thoughts of you in the meantime. Xxx Mwah

Absolutely :-) x

I message her while I’m in Vegas, get on the phone to her as soon as I’m back, push forward the meeting, and seal the deal a day earlier than planned.

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