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Mad Dash

The Creed

Average Rating: 4.76 [Total Votes: 22]

Mad Dash - I make no excuses for my desires as a man.
I move through this world without apology.
I like to satisfy women.


Average Rating: 4.12 [Total Votes: 17]

Mad Dash - A NEG is not an insult. It is a statement intended to subtly undermine her self-esteem while covering your tracks with a grudging compliment. You are teasing her.

Who Lies More Opener

Average Rating: 4.10 [Total Votes: 10]

Mad Dash - “Hey guys, quick question...Who lies or women?”

Mad Dash Wings Style

Average Rating: 4.52 [Total Votes: 36]

Field Report - This is an actual FR from Neil Strauss and Mad Dash and it is very detailed (and quite long). If you read it before you go on a sarge you will already find yourself in state as if you have opened up some sets already and this will make any further openings that much easier…