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PUA Negs

Author: Mad Dash

A NEG is not an insult. It is a statement intended to subtly undermine her self-esteem while covering your tracks with a grudging compliment. You are teasing her. The effect is to show disinterest. Smile when you give NEG her.
This works amazingly well on 9’s and 10’s. It doesn’t work so well on 7’s and 8’s and should be generally avoided with them. NEG’ing takes some practice to know when and how much to do it. Everyone makes mistakes and blows sets doing it, but after awhile you’ll get great at it.

NEG her if:

She has a bitch shield
She is incredibly hot
Her interest level is dropping off

These are all good NEGS if she starts testing you:

I bet you have a real cute side somewhere. You just don't show it..
When she responds to something, say, "Oh, so you're one of THOSE...."
(Afterwards, you can say "now I see what I'm dealing with.") If she resists this neg, use the NL9 line: "Oh, so then you are one of those people who don't like to be categorized."
“Are those nails real? No. Well they still look good, I guess.”
“Is that your real hair? It looks neat, it’s like a waffle.”
“Weren’t you wearing that dress the last time you were here?” (if she answers no, then: oh, must’ve been some other girl them. Looks better on you though!)
“Oh … sick … you just spit on me!”
“You blink a lot”
“Look … your nose wiggles when you talk … that’s really cute!”
“I don’t think we should get to know each other.” “Why?” “You are just too nice of a girl for me.”
“Do you find that your bitchy behavior makes people like you more?"

These are good negs that are safer to use on 8’s. They are meant to tease her a little.

I think I loved you *pause* before you turned out to be such a freak. (smile)
I like you better when your silent!(smile)
For such a pretty girl you sure are mentally disoriented!
Or if she is talking about something I pretend I’m searching for something on her body. Then if she goes : "what? " I say : where is your button so I can shut you off.. you are silly (with a smile).
Don't you think we are going to get married young lady if you keep on being so silly.

Dumb NEGS:

When I see her I go like "oh no! not her again" (and pretend I don't want to see her) (Everyone does this one, avoid it. I’m just mentioning it so you don’t do it)

BIG NEGS: (Use in case of emergency only):

Well, at least you’re lucky enough to have a good body.
No really, I’ve seen uglier girls.
So are you a bitch to everybody, or just people cooler than you?
So are you drunk or just plastered?

Remember: the purpose of a neg is not to insult. It is to show disinterest by being inadvertently critical, while at the same time demonstrating a good personality. It is teasing, flirting.

These are not NEGs:

Mad Dash

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