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Who Lies More Opener

Author: Mad Dash

“Hey guys, quick question...Who lies or women?”
---(Girls talk for a bit, then you cut them off.)

“Ok, I can only stay a sec, my friends are waiting, but who cheats more, guys or girls?”
---(Girls talk for a bit, then you cut them off.)

“I was waiting to get a haircut a few weeks ago, reading one of those women's magazines, and it says that girls lie more and cheat that true??”
---(Girls talk about topic. Go into your next routine.)

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Mad Dash

(Chris Rock Version) Hey guys, I need a female opinion… who lies more Guys or Girls??.......... The way I see it girls the tell the small lies like “you’re ass doesn’t look fat in those pants” but girls… they tell the big ones... like... “Its your baby!”

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