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Maniac High

Maniac High

Statement Of Affirmations

Maniac High - This is my current 'statement of affirmations' I read this aloud (with passion) before PU and other times when I get the chance as a reminder of who I am, what I do, and why I am successful.

Strawberry Fields

Maniac High - This is a game to find out some things about how chicks see sex. It is very popular in Japan & is a good state transitioner.


Maniac High - I finally got that 'kokology' book that someone suggested here on the NG. The book is full of fun 'psychology' games like 'strawberry fields, 4 questions..etc' that can be used in PU.

The Wall And The Forest

Maniac High - Another one of those mindfuck games like 4 questions or the cube...