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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Mark Belmont

Mark Belmont is the author of The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System.

How To Get Started

Mark Belmont - There are dozens of books and thousands of articles dedicated to picking up and seducing women.  Many of them contain excellent information.  To date, however, almost none tell you where to get started with the whole process!

Better Appearance

Mark Belmont - Many expert pickup artists tell their students that their physical appearance is totally unimportant.  They claim that regardless of the way you look, you can seduce beautiful women.

Dress To Impress

Mark Belmont - A great place to start is with your wardrobe.  What you wear will inevitably convey certain things about you, and can have a significant impact on your first impressions with women.