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Ultimate False Disqualifiers Collection

Author: Mav

NightVision : Can't believe we are releasing this treasure on the site. Took a long time for Mav to compile this list of false disqualifiers. Most of these come from Mystery . If some of them belong to some other PUA, please email NightVision , so credit could be given where credit is due.

  1. It would never work out between us
  2. I can already tell, you and I are not going to get along
  3. You’re too much of a nice girl for me
  4. You’re a dancer/model. OMG I can’t even talk to you
  5. I’m totally not boyfriend material. You need a nice guy who will buy you flowers and tell you how great you look. Hey, that guy over there looks perfect for you.
  6. We are so broken up, I want my CD’s back
  7. Your first impression sucked
  8. I’m much too high maintenance for you
  9. You are trouble, I shouldn’t be talking to you
  10. Aww you are soo cute.. but we could never be a couple - we are too much the same.. we would fight and throw things and have incredible make up sex all over the place and fight more then sex fight sex fight.. too much drama and intense feelings for me!"
  11. You know we would just fight all the time…. And I’d always win (smile)
  12. You're awesome.. I love how you laugh at all my jokes and you make me feel like I'm the nuts.. I want to hang with you all the time.. Actually, I know I never will, because it’s a bar-thing, but I felt the emotion of wanting it for one brief second back there, nonetheless…
  13. You know what….I can already tell… and I…… I can talk to you for hours….its weird…I cant LISTEN (stresses) to you (laughs).
  14. Her: Why did you talk to me then, if you think I suck so much You: you want the truth? … Proximity
  15. I don’t think we are going to get along. You need a nice guy you can walk all over.
  16. I better leave you to your friends
  17. You look as though you want to get back
  18. You should meet my single friends…they would love you
  19. I should let you go back to your friends…otherwise they will know you are hitting on me.
  20. You remind me of an ex, you have the same smile, yeah…she was lovely, shit in bed though…I can’t have another relationship like that.
  21. Take out an imaginary pencil and “write” on your hand as you say “note to self… not date this woman. Do this if she has shown any tendancies you don’t like.
  22. Wow – that must have been rough on your last boyfriend.
  23. Awww, you’re breaking my heart. I can set you up with a real nice guy.
  24. You’re so cute (or funny) – I bet when you were a kid you used to get spaghetti all over your face.
  25. We’d be horrible together. We’d spend all of our time cracking jokes and giggling, and never be able to accomplish anything productive
  26. Take her hand, smile and shake your head “nope, I can tell we wont get along already, you see these lines here, they say you’re the type of girl who wants a guy she can walk over”
  27. Do you know what the leading cause of break-ups is – Relationships he he. A relationship is a romantic or sexual connection between two people. Take her hand and stare into her eyes…do you feel that? – we’re breaking up then – throw her hand away.
  28. I should let you go back to your room or they will think you are hitting on me (smile)
  29. Are you always like that… people cooler than you ?
  30. You remind me of my first love, We were so passionate, but she was wrong for me.
  31. You have very strong hands, stronger than mine maybe.
  32. Then again, all that depends on whether you can handle me
  33. (to a taller woman) – Damn, you’d be simply awesome if only you were taller.
  34. Hey you are getting a little too comfortable…this is a public place
  35. You have a nice smile…Id say it’s the third or fourth best smile I’ve seen today.


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