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NightVision : Can't believe we are releasing this treasure on the site. Took a long time for Mav to compile this list of negs. Most of these negs come from Mystery . If some of them belong to some other PUA, please email NightVision , so credit could be given where credit is due.

  1. Your hair looks shiny, is it a wig? Oh well it looks nice anyway
  2. That’s lovely long hair – are they extensions?
  3. I think your hair would look better up/down
  4. Nice nails – are they acrylic. Oh, well they look good anyway.
  5. Awww, how cute, your nose wiggles when you laugh – look there it goes again !!!
  6. Is that your natural hair colour <yes> well its not bad <no> So you changed it to that?
  7. I like your look, beauty is common but you seem like you have character.
  8. You have U shaped teeth.
  9. Well at least you have a nice body
  10. You are nearly as tall as me. I like tall girls. Are those heels 3 or 4 inches ?
  11. You have an “interesting” figure
  12. Did you drink too much last night!
  13. I think I like your left eye best
  14. Your eyeliner has run a bit….go to wipe it off for her
  15. Eww your palms are sweaty
  16. You have some lint on your shirt, here let me get it off
  17. I think I saw you wearing that outfit a few weeks ago
  18. I like that skirt, they are very popular these days
  19. I like that skirt, Ive seen another girl wearing it tonight as well. Is it from topshop?
  20. Those shoes look really comfortable/uncomfortable
  21. Is she always like this
  22. How do you guys hang with this girl
  23. Geez, you must have driven your parents crazy
  24. Solipsistic ego queen (solipsistic is the view that the self is the only reality)
  25. Hello, Im talking, geez
  26. Um, its too early in our relationship for you to be (doing whatever she was doing)
  27. Where is your off button
  28. You look like trouble
  29. You’re bad girls
  30. Were you a dork at school or something
  31. Your kinda cute, like my little sister
  32. Did you parents not give you enough attention as a child ?
  33. God, talking to you even Married with Children sounds nice.
  34. This is why we wont be able to have nice things (if she is clumsy at all)
  35. You look just like my high school maths teacher
  36. How short are you
  37. You’re already back to square one with me
  38. Are you girls tourists or something
  39. You need to get out more often...
  40. I don’t know who your last boyfriend was, but he didn’t spank you enough
  41. I can see you work out…………occasionally
  42. (about her fake tits) Don't be embarrassed.. Implants will give you buoyancy when you're swimming. If we were all lost at sea, you'd be the only one to survive.
  43. Wow, that’s a great tan….have you like not washed for a week or something he he
  44. Wow, I reckon with a bit of training you could be a stripper or a pole dancer….how cool would that be
  45. You remind me of my weird ex
  46. You seem way too nice for me……at least say fuck a couple of times so we can get out of the PG  rated conversation
  47. Whew – have you guys been having perfume fights or something?
  48. To a girl wearing horizontal stripes – “is it true vertical stripes make you look thin”
  49. I bet you are high maintenance.
  50. Well it was nice to small talk with you.
  51. Oh – you’re one of THOSE
  52. You have a nice act but somewhere in there, is a little girl who just wants to be held and appreciated for who she is.
  53. Nice perfume….is it chanel lolol
  54. Is that an Oompa Loompa bag (because it was bright orange)
  55. I feel like I can talk to you all night……..I cant LISTEN to you though.
  56. You are mischievous
  57. Say she is a brat
  58. Hi Freckles
  59. You’re a very pretty girl, BUT….this is London, beauty is very common. A great personality…that’s very rare…..Great energy, energy… You’ve got 2 out of 3, that’s a great start.
  60. She says “GET OVER YOURSELF/IT” you start laughing, and say "OK, hold on 1 second. (close eyes and concentrate) OK I'm done getting over myself, any other tips for me?”


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Jimmy Blue Eyes
I came up with this one last night...approach a 9 or 10 and say, "Hello, Pretty Woman".

It sounds like a compliment but can also mean you are calling her a hooker...from Julia Robert's movie, 'Pretty Woman'

Also, you can tell a woman 'you smell as fresh as a summer's eve', Summer's Eve is the femine hygene products company. You should laugh or giggle after this one to show how funny/clever you are.
Quote Jimmy Blue Eyes's commment
Jimmy Blue Eyes at 04:35PM, Jul 14th 2010.
really man??? I would try something a little more smooth, not so straight forward. Ease into it son.
Quote Mystery's commment
Mystery at 01:48AM, Aug 25th 2010.
hmm.. i would only use these on hb8's/9's more or less because I almost don't even neg true 10's. and 7/8/9's get approached aaaall the time so I use 'shotgun-negs' on them (even harder described as above) because they really have the bitchshield on when going out.
Say there breath is bad and offer them a mint.
etc etc
Hb10's are actually the more easily girls to game, for me.

Because 10's/11's get approached very rare (almost not) if you approach them it is a dhv in itself.
Because every afc is already too scared to approach these type of outer-good looking women, especially with the i dont give a fuck attitude and being in state.
I even notice that alot of hb10's are very insecure about themselves. Take this as a weakpoint, sarge with a stable game, have fun with her and it 'll be ok !

Plus i like negs that have to do something with the hb herself and are individualised.
but the rookies could help themselves with these and start off

For anybody who doesn't know me. I'm System Error and I returned back in to the community since being off for a couple of years. I stemm from the time only SS and MM where available. I use them both and am now blending in alot of other systems.

If the world's a bich, I'm gonna fuck her! SE - 2007
Quote SystemError's commment
SystemError at 05:45PM, Aug 25th 2010.
Howard The Digger
SE above is a total bullcrapper...
Quote Howard The Digger's commment
Howard The Digger at 06:35PM, Oct 13th 2010.
You might think it's not possible, because it doesn't match YOUR experience of what's possible for YOU..

It's not that I'm constantly surrounded by super flaming hot girls, but when I do see a real hottie (you know, the kind of type, where there's only a few in an entire club of) I just make an indirect approach and small talk.
No need for negging. They know I'm confident, because I AM. And those girls don't get approached that much in comparison with a 7/8

but well eh, this doesnt go up for every 10.

Game On and give it a try Howard!
Quote systemerror's commment
systemerror at 07:04PM, Oct 14th 2010.
try this neg if u see a hot 10 or 9 or pretty much any girl that has glasses on ... kinda rare at a club but if u see one try it ... tell her
Were u a reject in high school? .... if she answers or not wtv ... say dont worry if u get a little closer 2 me ur never gonna be a reject in ur whole life.............. I tried this one its definitly one that proves u got big balls
Quote Kiss_Magnet's commment
Kiss_Magnet at 08:15PM, Oct 26th 2010.
I love you guys implemented Comments already, gives the web more life.

anyways the negs are terrific. i have about 5 from here i use all the time(y)

"Eww your palms are sweaty"

great fucking conversation starter
Quote Passion's commment
Passion at 01:52PM, Dec 15th 2010.
My personal favourite is when she talks to you: Shy away and go like "Eew, your breath stinks, here have a gum"

Or just ask her if she wants a gum and if she sais no you say "No seriously, I insist." Then she thinks you thought she had a really bad breath but were being a gentleman.
Quote JonaQ's commment
JonaQ at 01:16PM, Dec 27th 2010.
Direct Daniel
Hm.. I hate negs.
They were training wheels for me when I was stuck
in the matrix of indirect game, but my mind was blown
when I went direct the first time (on a bootcamp I got for free).
Since then I preach direct for club-game.

No need for negging, routines, disqualifying (eeewl..),

Sex in your mind, lust in your stomach, a boner in your pants
and approach.

Quote Direct Daniel's commment
Direct Daniel at 03:36PM, Jan 1st 2011.
I've Copied and Pasted this and since referred back to it on many occasions as well as adapting some of these for my own game.
Quote James's commment
James at 04:38PM, Mar 5th 2011.
So question since the TV show and Neil and Mystery apearing on talk shows and such dont you think women are now intune to this stuff ? What do you do whaen you get confronted about it. Lets say "Hmm haven't I seen this on a a show before " or Hmm "someone thinks hes a PUA"
Quote Skibum's commment
Skibum at 12:04PM, Mar 30th 2011.
Women are in tune with this stuff and we find it laughable. For me, it is a bit insulting when a guy thinks he can get me in bed with such "game". It is so calculated and such bullshit.
A guy I knew back in Austin has used one of these on me and now I realised what was going on. I was just confused by it at the time. His attempt at a "neg" toward me while we were in a group setting only put me off him and made me feel a bit alienated, surely did not aid him one bit in his aim.
How is offending a girl gonna help your game? You guys that are still using "negs" really need to quit listening to quacks like Mystery and just grow up already. A friend of mine said he needs to write a book called, " We're all People" and I couldn't agree more.
Quote Chris's commment
Chris at 12:37AM, Apr 26th 2011.
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