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7 Point Model of Seduction

Author: McMaax

This is a model I follow to successfully, approach, attract and seduce women and it is modelled after some of the most successful models of PUA in the world. Most of the phases you will recognize but I have included two new phases as I think they are crucial.

Two new phases are

1. Pre open value calibration phase
2. The hook phase.

So let's begin.

NOTE: If you follow this model you will get laid like rockstars. Just had a RAFC friend of mine, follow this model had a hot 8 on saturday chase him and offer her number to him. Just one week ago he would stall after the opener.

7 Point Model of Seduction

1. Pre attract Phase (Clothes, social proof, body language, etc) This is my step that I have added. Remember you must calibrate your social value to the set before you even open your mouth. Alot of guys shoot themselves in the foot before they even open their mouths and get blown out, simply on non verbals. If you are going to open a 10, you must raise your "PRE-OPENER" Value before the set will even let you game them.

2. Opener - Must be non sequitar and must not convey any interest. I always use

Guys first impression these rings. I wear these big ass chunky rings - Blows open sets in clubs like fuckin' crazy. Or hey guys first impression these necklaces. I have some wierd, gothic style necklaces that I wear
Or How tall are you?
Do you believe in ESP?

In a Mall, I use an opinion opener and have stacked routines or stories that sequey from that. Each stacked routine has very little or no relationship with the previous thread. This idea of multiple threading, or stacking routines is an art form and we must get good at this.

NOW REMEMBER with a 10 you must NEG or value zing her to disqualify yourself from appearing like a potential "hitter" or "suitor" to her and her peer group if they are there.

I will say things like:

Too bad your not my type because you are really pretty

Or I will approach a set and say..Hey guys my name is McMaax. I just had to come by and ask you guys something. Let me see I need the most interesting one here. Not sure about you...Pointing to the target, but how about you to the Cockblock or ostacle? do you believe in magic, or whatever.