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7 Point Model of Seduction

Author: McMaax

I will also sometimes give an HB ten "the finger" and she will usually say. WFT? but in an attracted way. If they say. you're an asshole. You have to be prepared for that contiengency and I reply. Look knucklehead, in my country that is a sign of affection!!!! I am being social, come on get up to speed!!!

I will say. Look I been wanted to talk to you but you are surrounded by all of your friends, I don't know why yet I mean you are pretty but who cares beauty is common, so who are you or what do you have going on for you besides your looks? If she says, well I'm smart. I will say "And that is special because.......".

In fact last weekend at this high bitch shield club, we had 7 girls hanging off of our arms. How? I gave the 10 a finger and this baited her to open me. See this type of stuff immediately conveys that you must be getting laid because who disqualifies themselves like this. NO one!!! except a real alpha male who is already getting girls, socially proofed through the roof.

OK so now once you have opened...Then you need to

3. Attract- How? by DHV'ng to the whole group which stands for demonstration of higher value. The best way I have found (FIELD TESTED to the max) is by telling stories. I have a few stories at the bottom that I will tell the whole group. Rememeber. Storytelling is an art and must convey that you possess characteristics of an alpha male like.

1.You are pre selected - "my ex who was an exotic dancer...."
2. You are the leader of men. (Read my YOrkdale story at the bottom)
3. I have standards for myself and for women I date. (Read my francesca story)

You may also DHV using cool IVD's like a massage technique, Palm reading, cold reading, dance moves, show her cool massage tips etc. but I reserve these more when I am alone with her in comfort or rapport phase or if she is in a two set with another chick or guy... Also when you are DHV'ing to the group, you must "falsely disqualify" to the target, to disarm the obstacles by letting them know that you can't possibly be there acting as a potential suitor for her, and to get her seeking your validation..Now if someone goes "yeah right or whatever..because your story is canned and they don't believe you" You say "Please get a life" and then continue..this will get that girl to chase you

or If I'm telling a story about how my ex gave me coupons for various sexual favours for Valentines day which she made. True story by the way and one of the girls goes "ewww that is gross". I will say. Whatever....too bad you're not my type and continue with the story.

See always maintain the set

Own the fuckin' set

And when you own the guys the girls will follow one by one

Also when you demonstrate the mentality of "I am here conveying my personality and if you don't like it, go fuck yourself" that is very attractive.

So always maintain your frame guys in set.

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