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7 Point Model of Seduction

Author: McMaax

Now the purpose of the attract phase is to get the set to reach the:

4. Hook - Yes this is the point where by you have peaked the groups or set's interest so much they do not want you to go. I usually do this with 4-5 killer Stories I have (some real and some made up) and also by IVD's to the group about my knowledge of certain things, facts, geography, places I've been. Also with lone wolves or 2 sets I will hook them by saying "Holy shit your hand...and then go into the palm reading or handstucture routine". They always respond with curiosity and say" What what. tell me". See how they are all NON SEXUAL, I ain't hitting on the girl . Just being an interesting guy to the set, if there are males or other females in there, I have just by having them listen to me, conveyed higher value than the males because I am conrolling their frame , disengaged any fears that I am there to hit on her from the male/females by lowering the self esteem of the target. Remember the real purpose of the neg or value zing is to disqualify yourself "falselY" from appearing like a potential suitor.

NOTE1: Attract phase is only 2-5 minutes. Most guys make the mistake of staying in this phase way too long. They appear like dancing monkeys. Always remember to phase shift guys. So after 2-5 miinutes. You will see interest being generated, then you can test to see if you are in the screening phase by "baiting the girl" so go into the next phase which is.

You can also see if she is attracted by doing certain touch escalation tests and see if she passes (trust test, tention test, sticking out your hand and see if she grabs it)

You can also use verbal baits and see if she will bite. Baits are verbal questions that bait her to provide illusionary input to your screens. Usually if a woman is attracted to you, she will want to jump through your hoops or pass your screens.

Some of the lines I use are:

You are very pretty, but so what, looks is common, it's like winning the lottery in the gene pool, I'm curious about you. What do you have going on for you besides your looks.

If she answers, then I know I am in this phase. If not and she give me a cocky response like "Why do you want to know. or I am not answering that"

You need to then value zing her because you are still in "Attract her" phase and say "Truthfully I was just being polite I really wasn't interested" then stack another story to her peer group.. This will get her chasing you and will create attraction.. Then when you go into screen/accepting her, she will jump through your hoops.

So once she is biting the bait you are in the next phase which is.

5. Screen/Accept or "She needs to attract" phase. So you have dhv'd to her and she gave you IOI, now she needs to attract you.

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