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7 Point Model of Seduction

Author: McMaax

So you bait her and allow her to DHV to you. You accept with touch or space invading and then release and say "Wait shit. I can't even talk to you now" and do a backturn or look away. She will reinitiate if she is attracted and will start to game you. In fact you need to be switching the screen/chase switch in the attract phase to get her contributing to the sarge and to prevent her circuits from being overkilled by being in reactive zone. You then also do this cycle a few times in the screen phase to make her feel that she is working to win you over and that to make her feel that your IOIs to her have been earned and are legit, not fake. After the 3rd cycle, you finally accept and go into the rapport..comfort and trust stage.where you can state your interest. This phase is signatured with touch escalation, location changing and comfort/rapport building routines.

6. Rapport/Comfort -Involves getting more comfortable with each others touch, closeness, so touch escalation is the key here and comfort building routines.

YOU can then

1. bounce or isolate to another venue
2. or Time bridge to day2.

A few killer routines are:

Evolution phase shift routine to makeout
Grounding your identity to her reality
Role playing
Pair Bonding
Saying to her "I think you've hijacked my brain babe"

etc... Once the comfort building and touch escalation is in progress it will get more intimate, more sexual...until it leads to a

7. Close - A lay, or a timebridge.

NOTE: You will have to deal with LMR often but the more venue changes you make, and the more time you spend with the girl. I believe it is usually like 6-7 hours she will believe that she "got to you emotionally" and you will stick around, not just go in for the kill and leave.


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