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Ability For Men Equals Pleasure For Women

Author: Michael W

The only thing that really counts ultimately for any human being, is how they feel. And human beings are different from animals because they have an incredible ability to be creative and they've devised all kinds of ways to feel pleasure and experience awesome emotions, from massive adrenaline rushes to the super feelings of inner peace and harmony, to intrigue and wonder, and so much more.

Of course, some of these avenues cause more pain ultimately like the problems of being addicted to drugs, etc. But my point is that all people really want are the infinite varieties of cool sensations and emotions, whether it's a rollercoaster or tasty or satisfying foods if they are hungry, or feeling their sense of wonder and intrigue stimulated.

And of course, the intense emotions that they get or feel they can get from sex in the exact recipe that helps unlock their inner chemicals; for some folks that recipe means a serious relationship, for others it's something else. And it changes for people as well.

And the thing is, sex is actually one of the most powerful emotional blasts a person can experience. It's not just sex itself of course, it's all the stuff you bring to sex emotionally as well. Otherwise, masturbation would be where sex begins and ends. And in fact, there is a billion dollar business that thrives off of adding other emotional stuff to that, it's called porn. Clearly, it's not just the act of sex itself. It's the perspective the person has on it: i.e. "I'm with a model!!" or whatever the person has i.e. "This chick loves me!", that enhances the impact.

Do you know why most women aren't into porn much as much? It's because they don't need to fantasize about getting sex, they can have it easily. It's men who fantasize about being the pizza boy who gets the sex as he delivers the pizza lol. I'm not saying women don't fantasize by the way, because they absolutely do, it's just different because of the different reality that most women live in.

The bottom line is that sex, in it's many forms combined with other emotions, is one of the most powerful emotions. And this is true for both men and women.

Of all the emotions, sex is probably the most powerful, when mixed with the right combination other emotions.

If you can give a woman this emotion, she will be yours. You can learn to do this.

Let me give you a bit of insight into how this works:
When you think of money, do you get excited?
Does it feel as good as listening to awesome music?
Does it feel as good as sex?
Does it even feel as good as a great burger????

If it does, it's only because of the things you have associated with money, i.e. power, self-esteem, women, sex, etc.

When you think of a woman who is striking, do you get excited?

If you do, I want you to think for a second about what it is about a specific type of woman that makes you feel excited?

What is it specifically about her that makes you feel it? A specific body part? Her walk? Her face? The way she looks at you? All the above?

If you're like most guys, you probably were girl crazy for lots of girls, not just models when you first got interested in girls.

That's because you had less conditioning.

I remember when I was in grade school, and first got interested in girls. You know what I liked? Boobs and ass! I liked a woman who looked like a woman. A cute face didn't hurt either of course. I liked "older girls" lol then, the ones who were getting their shape from being through puberty.

My point is that you could have showed me a model then, and I probably would have been just as happy or even happier with the girl who was less of a model but had more of her womanly shape to her.

I wouldn't have thought that supermodels were "superior". In fact, even today, the supermodels are not even what's in magazines like Playboy. So even in our society there are discrepancies between what is "officially good looking" and what is actually "sexy" for women.

It took time for be to get bombarded by society and think supermodels were better. Now I'm actually liberated again, kinda more flexible, I'm attracted to lots of things in women, which makes life a lot more fun by the way and gives you so many more fun options. For all you guys who want the supermodels, don't get me wrong for one second, I prove stuff on the "hotties" week after week, live, in my Bootcamps. In fact, what I'm explaining here is a key to how this whole attraction thing works.

You see, human pleasure associations are artificially limited by our environmental messages. Don't get me wrong on this either, there is a certain amount of attraction that is pure biology, as I actually explain in my materials as well. Women's hip to waist ratios, etc, across cultures remain consistent.

But there is a huge amount of flexibility regarding what triggers attraction in a woman, (and men as well, but the point here is women) as long as the perception is being framed properly through factors you can control.

And blasting through these artificial limitations and the artificial barriers to feeling pleasure, including the sexual kind, is not really as difficult as it seems if you understand how pleasure works.

The key to understand is that pleasure is actually a state of mind. Everyone has the potential to feel it independently.

But what happens is we get weak in this area, we get conditioned to only allow ourselves to experience it if a billion conditions are present.

But there is a way to cut past it all. And if you understand how to cut past it all inside a woman's mind, you will get her to be addicted to you no matter who the hell you are.

It really doesn't matter who you are, as long as you know how to get her to unleash the pleasure center in her mind.

You see, this is why it really is ridiculous to try to appeal to women with static things like money.

Or trying to appeal to women with anything besides directly going for her mind and unleashing her pleasure feelings.

So how about this whole thing you hear from women who keep on saying they want a guy with money? That's because they would like to also have money! Also, for a long term relationship and having kids, having money helps secure things. But it has nothing to do with sexual attraction. Not unless the woman is literally starving, then it's possible that attraction will really happen simply from a guy having food!

But that's not going to help most guys in this world. The real key is to affect a woman's emotions, to make her unleash her own pleasure centers.

If a guy relies on things like money to get women and does not work on his ability to give women the experience of pleasure, it's really a bad move.

You want a woman to be with you because she enjoys it, not because she feels she has to.

So the question then becomes:
"How do I get a woman to feel pleasure?"

Well, the first thing to realize is that when you first meet a woman randomly, she is often programmed to avoid even allowing you a chance to get her into a pleasurable state, or in fact a chance to do anything.

This is good. Otherwise, women would be allowing every psycho into their lives as well. It would be too easy.

However, this means you often must know how to emotionally maneuver around the maze she has created so that you can work your "magic".

For example, if a woman you see at the store, is walking out the store, and she is already in her car, windows rolled up, and it's night time, and it's a pretty deserted parking lot, she is going to be a lot tougher to open up than if she was at a club with her friends having a great time.

In that car, in that deserted parking lot, at night, her auto-programming is keeping her in extreme caution state.

So if you go in direct, you are going to get resistance. And if you persist with that directness, the resistance will only get stronger.

Confidence is not enough in such a situation. It's a fantastic start, but not enough.

Understanding so that you know what makes most sense for that situation is what makes the difference between success and failure.

So you have to find a way in:
For example, if you told her that her license plate was covered with dirt at the back of her car, and she came out to check it and then you started to tease her that she is terrible at keeping her car maintained, and then as she sees it's actually fine, you then bring up a relevant story about the situation: i.e. something you bought at the store; i.e. the incredible price on Halloween candy, or you were wondering what to give kids that is healthy but not creepy like an apple lol, and she starts to interact with you on that topic, you are now in a position to start getting her laughing, teasing her on her answers as well showing sexual masculinity and dominance, and yet getting her into a happy laughing pleasurable state, which is one step closer to a sexually "happy" state.

And regarding the little story you made up? She will not only forgive you for it, she will thank you for it later. Otherwise you two would never have met. And besides, she finds out the truth within minutes anyway! That story was just a way to get in. It isn't what the attraction is built on.

Here's what I consider unethical: When you are doing something that is harming her emotions. Or harming her physically. Or being selfish and taking without giving. Or telling her a made-up story that won't be revealed to her soon anyway. None of that is present in the above situation.

It's no different than a chick who wants to pick you up, and comes up with some excuse to chat you up that is totally not real. (Hey, I love that pendant, where did you get it from???")

Is this bad? Would you hate a woman for that or respect her for it? And keep in mind, imagine that she is coming across as highly desirable.

Obviously in one article, I can't do full justice to the whole field of pickup and attraction, because you have to understand how to create any emotion that is required at the moment, from the emotion of calm, to the emotion of security, to humor, etc.

But the point is, many times, in real life, you can't go directly into pleasure, you have to set up the situation so that she is receptive to that in the first place.

But once you are there, definitely, the key is to unleash her emotions of pleasure. At that point, it's definitely about warming up to the pleasure zone.

The pleasure zone means lots of things, including avoiding all boring topics, all gross and repulsive topics, etc.

And it also means you must engage her in fun communication, and then from there bridge to more sexual stuff, but you have to keep the sexual stuff playful and not too intense in the beginning as well or you come across as sexually needy.

Again, in my materials I go into super high level on this and exactly how to do this, with examples as well.

The thing is, what you have to understand is that women enjoy pleasure yet at the same time they can't be easy. They can't be easy or they are allowing psychos and also uncool guys to come in!

So women will throw you obstacles even though deep down they want to experience more pleasure.

The problem is most guys have such fragile egos, that the guy shuts himself down at the first sign of her supposed "Resistance".

It isn't really a guy's fault since he has been interpreting everything that women do to him as being personal or somehow being an indication of his own worth or sexual worth.

So the first "test" a woman throws at the guy is enough to obliterate him right there on the spot.

I'm not talking about physically obliterating him. I'm not even talking about obliterating his desire to get her. I'm talking about obliterating his great state if he was even in one to begin with, which is rare for a guy to even be in the right state to begin with.

It's not about "getting all Alpha" on her, and show how "tough" you can be. That's not tough, that's just reacting, that's being controlled by her.

You can "man up" all you want, but if you are "manning up" in a way that is not totally consistent with a pleasure state, you are going to get nowhere with her. Especially in a pickup situation, where she has no connection to you. So what are you going to do? You are going to give her a whole "Lesson" on how to behave with you? That's ridiculous as it shows she counts, and more importantly, it changes the mood of the moment to something not fun.

Don't get me wrong, if a chick does something that is seriously out of line, you don't sit there asking for more, but you don't let it affect your state. You don't have to suddenly become serious, you can simply outwit her, make her laugh at her own test she threw at you.

Remember, it's about 'state'. Once she is in a good state, you have already achieved the major goal.

Don't change her logic. Just change her emotions. Get her into state.

You see, you can't get a woman into a pleasurable state if you are in a really negative state or angry state or bitter or sad state.

So if a woman throws you some "resistance" (which of course she will, even and in fact especially if she likes you but you are a stranger) your state cannot change to anger or you ruin her ability to feel pleasure in the moment.

You can't let your state change to fear either. Anger will push her away out of her desire for safety. Your fear will push her away because it makes you seem inferior, which is repulsive.

We don't feel attraction to that which we feel is sucking value, we feel attracted to that which seems be radiating value, i.e. your good vibes!

So your awesome state has to be impenetrable. This is why the guys who already feel great around women, keep doing even better with women, because the guys keep getting more and more precise with what works, since they have plenty of interactions to gain useful feedback on what works and what doesn't. And since they are not needy, they aren't afraid to try and experiment with new things.

(It's that circular thing in life, which happens so much, regarding so many different phenomena in life. Ever notice how the people who add good emotions to other people in life are the most valued people on the planet? Ever notice how on the other hand the takers of this world who only know how to take, such as lazy rip-off artists, both emotionally and physically, are the kind that no one wants around them?

You'd be well advised to learn how to be an emotional giver in general, (without ever taking abuse of course) and to cut off ties from all emotional takers. This will not only make you better with women and with everyone, but will also send a message out to takers to shape up.)

This is why I was the first guy on the planet to shut down the use of negative strategies to attract women. It wasn't just a moral and ethical issue that I believed in, which I did, but it was also the fact that the only way the 'Negative strategy' of "slamming a woman's self-esteem" could possibly work is if the guy doing it is experienced enough and feeling good enough to do it in a way where clearly he is not insecure and he actually is not saying it out of anger or venom or bitterness. He himself must not be in a negative state!

So in other words, the only thing that makes the negative strategy work is the delivery, which is the product of his state -- and in that case, there was no need for the negative strategy to begin with!

The whole theoretical point of the negative strategy is to show a woman that you are not some push over needy for approval.

But ***I*** say you don't have to even worry about being considered a "pushover" if you just get straight to her feeling good.

In fact, worrying about not coming across as a pushover is totally the wrong frame to be coming from, it is soaking in defensive thoughts, it will screw up your "chilling-fun-sexy" vibes. And that will screw up her potential for feeling the pleasurable state.

So instead, just go straight for what you do want her to feel, rather than focusing on how to avoid making her feel something negative about you.

The appropriate vibes must continue from the first moment all the way to the bedroom and beyond.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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