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The Attitude For Effective Action

Author: Michael W

A guy could read for years on all the best "methods" for meeting and attracting women, but unless he takes ACTION, nothing is going to happen. The problem with not taking action, is that it doesn't get easier to take action by waiting and doing nothing...

As a matter of fact, it gets HARDER to take action the more you wait, because you come up with reasons why you should NOT take action. And if you allow yourself the OPTION of waiting, you will ALWAYS choose it over the option of actually taking action, because doing NOTHING poses NO RISK.

At the MOMENT when a guy is trying to work up the nerve to go up to a woman, it's far more relaxing to do NOTHING. Of course, regret kicks in later, but when the opportunity arises again, the same pattern takes hold- at the MOMENT, doing NOTHING feels safer, more relaxing. So how do you get yourself to TAKE ACTION at the MOMENT you NEED to?

Well, I am going to present you with a PARADIGM, a way of looking at the world, that will not only help you take action, but it will help you take the RIGHT actions, stemming from the RIGHT attitude when approaching a woman.

And when it comes to attracting women, nothing is more important to triggering her attraction than you conveying the right ATTITUDE.

I want you to focus on the following thought: What if you didn't know if today, or tomorrow, or next week, might be your last one on earth?

What would be the immediate thoughts that came to mind? What would be your greatest fears?

Now, I want you to also add the following layer to the "situation" I just described:

What if you not only weren't sure about today or tomorrow, but you knew that you were also being hunted down by bounty hunters from all over the globe, because of who you are? Would you not feel a certain sense of PERSPECTIVE on life? On what is trivial and what is not?

And would you not also feel a certain sense of IMPORTANCE? After all, your whole existence might come to an end, but it's only because you are important enough to be a threat. The scenario I just described would have a TRIPLE impact: On one hand, you would STOP waiting to do ANYTHING important to you. Because there may NEVER be a tomorrow.

And at the same time, NOTHING would be a big deal to you anymore, anyway! Because, after all, what's the difference anyway? There actually IS NO RISK to anything, since your whole darn life has become pretty much one big risk anyway. Everything that was once a fear will become a joke to you now, since relatively speaking, everything but your life has become trivial in comparison.

That would mean that when you see an attractive woman, you would IMMEDIATELY approach her- and not only approach her, but you would feel like this ENTIRE topic called "meeting and attracting women" is a JOKE. And this "feeling" would SHOW in your demeanor, in your voice tone, in your control of the situation.

You would be talking to her like she was someone you've known for ten years, because you would have NO FEAR.

As a matter of fact, you would be feeling like "This woman has NO idea how NOTHING she can do can affect me". You would NOT get freaked out no matter what she did. As a matter of fact, if she acted aloof with you, you would be so calm, almost laughing to yourself how trivial this is, and that frame of mind would make you tease her in a non- bitter way, a COOL way, because you would feel ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT from this situation.

You would NOT be so petty as to get "hurt"- instead, you might even treat the situation with this woman like an enjoyable DISTRACTION from your CRAZY life, which is FAR BIGGER than a situation of approaching a woman. Even if she said something to you like "back off, mister" (which, by the way, is FAR WORSE of a comment than I have ever heard a woman actually say) you would be UNAFFECTED, absolutely not bitter in the SLIGHTEST.

You might have a sly smile on your face, you'd be cool, and maybe say something like "Do you usually play hard to get this soon? Or do sexy guys always make you act this way?" No matter WHAT she says or DOES, you will be UNAFFECTED, since you can no longer feel fear from these things. And THAT attitude, of being without fear, and yet not bitter, is the attitude that turns women ON...BIG TIME. It's more than just not being afraid of HER. Your attitude here conveys having no fear of ANYTHING.

I believe this is the attitude that has turned women on since the beginning of human history. No matter what the culture, or time, or the "trend", women have been attracted to courageous men with guts and fortitude. Whether it's the ancient stories of Samson and Delilah, (By the way, Samson’s greatest mistake was when he let Delilah CONTROL him, which was when she started to betray him) or whether it was James Dean, or James Bond, or the heroes of today's movies, women are attracted to men who convey masculinity, control, and NO FEAR.

And if you think this is all about men having good looks, you're wrong. There are countless examples of men without "looks" who attract the hottest women. (Take for example some of the beastly rock stars out there who have dated nothing but supermodels.) And if you think it's all about wealth, wrong again. In my research, I studies the biographies of several guys before they were famous or wealthy. What's interesting is that many of the men were dating beautiful women BEFORE they became famous or wealthy. If you don't believe me, check it out a few biographies.

You see, when it comes to attraction, men have far more flexibility in their ability to attract women, (as opposed to women who count on their looks) as long as the men have the right PERSONALITY.

I believe that because of the need, for over a million years, for men to have courage, dominance, leadership, and overall emotional strength for SURVIVAL, women have evolved to simply feel attraction for men who exhibit these characteristics and NOT FEEL ATTRACTION for men who DON'T. Women who were NOT attracted to these rugged characteristics in a man simply became extinct over time. (They could not survive.) So, by all means, go ahead, and make the most of your looks and your financial means. But first and foremost, you must LEARN TO UNLEASH your masculine characteristics that trigger feelings of sexual desire in women.

If you want to learn to do this, then I recommend you read my ebook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women. I focus on how to succeed with women by getting you back to your natural masculine self. I'm not a fan of tricks and techniques for getting women, I AM a believer in attracting women by being the man you were born to be.

I also show you step by step how to go about approaching a woman, how to get numbers and emails, how to go about dating, and I also explain the best way to smoothly make the transition to getting physical. And there is a special section on relationships if you desire to pursue one and make it last while keeping it exciting and fresh.

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Till next time,
From someone who's been there,

Michael W

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