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The Attitude For Attraction

Author: Michael W

If you want to be successful with women, you’ve got to stop taking women so seriously and just have FUN. You’ve got to be very, VERY CAREFREE about the whole thing. You have to be beyond the emotional control of any woman. In a way, I can sum it all up with one line: **You have to think that you’re THE SH*T.**

If you don’t think this way, you will be on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAVELENGTH than your typical woman, who has had her confidence BOOSTED in this area called “opposite gender interaction” through endless guys hitting on her ever since she was 13! Once you raise YOUR confidence to the same level, suddenly everything women do makes SENSE.

I’d like to demonstrate this point with a a recent letter from a reader of my book:
“Hi Michael-
I'm fascinated by women's tests. I know a woman is interested in me. She 'mentions' that other guys are interested in her. It's an attempt to see my reaction, and create a little jealousy. I don't believe she's being a bitch. She really wants THE MAN, and she's growing impatient. (That's my take on it anyhow.)

What's the best way to reframe this kind of test, and yet leave her still thinking I might be interested in her? Is it a bad idea to try to let her know she has a chance with THE MAN?
Andrew, Toronto”


This is a PERFECT example of how a woman behaves as a result of SUPERIOR CONFIDENCE to the typical guy who has not had his ego boosted by being hit on by members of the opposite gender since he was 13.

Why do I say this?

You see, what is going on here is this:
What she did there with mentioning “other guys being interested in her” is Womanese 101 for her trying to tell you she thinks you are THE MAN, and that she WANTS you- and because of that, she wants to INCREASE your attraction to HER. So she tells you about OTHER guys wanting her. Yes, she does it to make you jealous. But ONLY because she WANTS you to want her.

She’s NOT concerned with the fact that this might upset you or make you jealous. What counts to her is that IT WORKS. Most likely, since she first using this tactic since over 283,00 guys ago, it hasn’t failed ONCE!

Yes, guys not only TOLERATE this stuff from women, but and it WORKS on typical guys ALL THE TIME. The guy gets jealous and he starts going crazy for her, trying to impress her that he is the most awesome thing for her.

He MORE than just “falls” for it.

Of course, in the process, the guy stops becoming a challenge by calling too much, by not seeing other girls, etc. He seems too easy, and the woman STOPS appreciating him and DUMPS him in one way or another. Or she starts disrespecting him and taking advantage of him.

So the irony is that she really DID want him, but the guy fell SO HARD for her tactic, (which she used only because she in fact DID want him) that he ended up becoming NAUSEATINGLY easy and she just couldn’t help it but not appreciate him!

But most guys don’t even DARE to think of using such a tactic on WOMEN. They’re afraid that it might HURT a woman’s feelings and make her go away. “And besides, it just wouldn’t be right to play games”, etc.


Men are not insane. This type of thinking USED to make sense.

Roughly 50 years ago, a man didn’t have to worry as much about being taken for granted since a woman treating a man with respect was just
as “natural” and common as a man treating a woman with respect.

THERE WAS A TRADE-OFF. An exchange of value.

Men have to wake UP and realize that the “contract” has RADICALLY CHANGED. To be more accurate, WOMEN have changed. Yet men keep acting the same and keep GIVING as if NOTHING has changed. Today, your typical woman is EXPECTED to TAKE without giving. From an early age, TONS of unsolicited guys offer her ass-kissing, favors, gifts, etc. And all she does is shrug her shoulders and sigh at these jackasses. She figures she can at least use the guys for the free gifts.

Do the guys wake up?

Nnooooo, the guys don’t get it. The ass-kissing just KEEPS on coming- to the point that it all eventually becomes MEANINGLESS to her, and a sign of a guy’s LACK OF DESIRABILITY.

To a woman, all the butt-kissing can be translated as a guy sighing “Hey, I think you won’t like the real me, so here are some gifts as a consolation prize for losing by being with me.” Women can’t appreciate “nice” acts as significant, because this behavior is in ABUNDANT SUPPLY. Similar to how a child gets spoiled by too much attention, too many gifts, and then grows up to be a real bratty kid.

Men have to wake up and realize that they’ve been HAD and it’s actually the MEN who need to work on being a challenge these days, not the women. So, regarding the woman in the letter, who is playing the “other guys want me” game, the best attitude is to REVERSE THIS WHOLE GAME AROUND and shock the living daylights out of her. It will have TEN times the effect on HER that it had on YOU, because most likely, this has rarely, if EVER happened to her.

Now THAT is funny.

And how exactly do you go about doing this? The best thing to do here is LET HER SAY IT. And smile in that way that says you think it's all just a little bit funny and that you KNOW she wants you. As if she just told you a mildly funny joke. That will REALLY CONFIRM that you are

A smile says that you appreciate her trying to tell you she is worthy of you, and yet a smile is subtle enough so that it also says you aren't the teensiest weensiet bit insecure. So absolutely don't get upset. And absolutely don't argue about it.

You might even add a tease like:
1. If she goes on about a particular guy, tell her "You guys would make a great couple!"- And then give her that killer smile and wink.
Feel what I'm saying here? Do you see how being CAREFREE and conveying that “YOU are the SH*T, not HER”, blows her games into total OBLIVION?

You are not only completely RUINING her desired effect, but actually making it BACKFIRE. She wants you to get jealous, but if you don’t, then SHE gets jealous that maybe there is someone ELSE that you like better than HER- otherwise, why aren’t you getting jealous? If you do this stuff, she'll be BANGING DOWN YOUR DOOR. She'll DEMAND a chance to be with THE MAN!!

And then maybe, if you’re like a typical woman, you’ll find her just too easy and suddenly feel like dumping her without remorse or sorrow. But that probably won’t happen for a while, till you get bored of have new women banging on your door every day, kind of like the situation women have with most men today.

The only thing I want to add here is that if a woman FREQUENTLY does this, especially once you are already in a RELATIONSHIP, and if you are being THE MAN, (i.e. not being a jackass and not kissing up) then she is BAD NEWS. It's a sign of massive insecurity, or worse, sadism, and you should run away as fast as you can.

However, during the early phase when you are just getting to know a woman, it’s CRITICAL that a woman feels on a very deep gut level that NOTHING she can do will faze you or get you to jump through hoops. And if you want to learn how to develop the inner confidence and the specific skills to succeed with women in every situation- from pick up and getting physical, to relationships, then I seriously recommend you download and read my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

In my book, I explain not only WHAT works, but exactly WHY it works as well, which will give you greater confidence. The information in this book is not about useless stuff like what presents to buy a girl. It’s about how to create ATTRACTION and also how to prevent ever becoming a SUCKER. And it’s about doing all this INSTINCTIVELY. You could be reading it in MINUTES from now and start using the ideas TONIGHT.

The book also comes with full support to get you to your goals ASAP. Any specific question about using an idea in the book? Just email me and it will be answered within 24 hours. Of course, it all also comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don't feel the ideas are useful, just send me an email and I'll give you a refund.

I'm THAT convinced you'll find it very useful.
It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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