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Attraction At The Mastery Level

Author: Michael W

This is going to be a very brief message.
Yet very important.

The single greatest misconception about attraction is that if you could just find a way to avoid rejection, by for example "not showing interest", that this would be a great way to succeed.

But the reality is that triggering attraction in a woman is not about "SHOWING interest" or "NOT showing interest"!

You see, the truth is that the animal drive is ALREADY in all of us, so it's not YOU who is going to CREATE that in her, no matter who you are. And it's not really even HER who really CREATES it in you either. It's just how EASILY or NOT EASILY we allow OURSELVES to feel that emotion which is already built INSIDE of us.

So the question becomes, what can you DO that unleashes those emotions in a woman?

And the answer to that, is that YOU have to be in a certain combination of emotional states of mind, plus you need to know certain things about women. This creates a very powerful CONTAGIOUS state that gets her to HAPPILY ENTER your state, your "world", because it FEELS DAMN GOOD.

And I ALSO ASSURE YOU, that worrying about ways to "avoid rejection" is ALREADY starting off on the totally wrong foot in terms of emotional state.

How can you be PLAYFUL, how can you be feeling sexual, how can you be DOMINANT, if you are so worried about rejection that your "tactics" rely on methods of "avoiding rejection". I remember long ago reading some work by a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, named Franco Columbo who used to compete with him and was a champ as well. And he said, when he enters a contest, he doesn't even THINK of anything but winning. He's not thinking of how to accept second place.

That doesn't mean he gets all bent out of shape if he doesn't win, but it's NOT on his mind.

So, if you see a woman you like, and your first thought is, "oh man, she might reject me because she's so hot, so how do I limit the chances of that" THAT IN ITSELF IS NO GOOD FOR YOUR SUCCESS.

Now, on the other hand, there are guys that think that giving her compliments right off the bat is the way to go. But the truth is, this giving compliments to a complete stranger would be okay EXCEPT for the fact that the guy feels the NEED to do this. He feels he NEEDS to do this, because he has nothing ELSE he can offer her. So you see, the compliment wouldn't be a problem except the place within where that compliment is coming from is the actual problem.

And human beings are very advanced in this way, because so much of communication is not the words, it's the way we pick up and interpret the way those words are DELIVERED AND EXPRESSED.

And the way it is all effectively expressed is the result of the way you THINK and FEEL.

So the irony is that if you felt you didn't NEED to be accepted, if you felt you didn't NEED to give the compliment, then and only then would your compliment be WAY more effective.

It would contain all the right things, it would be expressed in the right way.

What I suggest you do is take that sexual energy and that power that SHE has helped unleash in YOU, and then DRAW UPON that emotion and energy to create cool ways to express things to her in flirtatious communication that will help HER get into the SAME state of mind.

This is an art in itself, an art that I teach. Moreover, in order to be able to even begin this art, you have to also take care of some major INNER work on yourself first.

If you want to be able to achieve "Jedi" like results with women, where you can give compliments or not, where you can do just about ANYTHING and have it work, because of the power of your state and your understanding of attraction and of women, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of my services and programs that are ONE OF A KIND.

There is no one else on the planet that is teaching this stuff at this level.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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