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Attraction Destroyers

Author: Michael W

Let me cut to the chase: Most guys these days are getting their butts KICKED by attractive women.

Like, really kicked.

And I'm not just talking about guys that remind you of Beavis and Butthead. I'm talking even about guys that seem to have a LOT going for them.

So what is going on?

I'll tell you what's going on:

1. MOST guys in our society are willing to TOLERATE EXTRAORDINARY disrespect from women.

2. MOST guys are giving women the MESSAGE that they feel INFERIOR in general, and especially inferior to women.

3. Women are human beings, and as such, it is only HUMAN to start to believe that you really are "SPECIAL" if everyone around you treats you as if you are. And if you believe you are "special", then you believe a double standard is only natural and fair.

The reasons for all this are beyond the scope of this message, but the POINT is that if you ENCOURAGE someone to take advantage of you...THEY WILL.

And let me tell you something: It's IMPOSSIBLE to feel attraction to someone you feel is INFERIOR.

However, it's VERY POSSIBLE to accept the free gifts, dinners, and general worship from someone who believes you are "special". Of course, the irony is that the MORE free gifts, dinners, and general butt-kissing behavior that a woman receives, the MORE INFERIOR she will believe the man is, and hence she will feel even LESS attraction toward him.

Let's all nod in silent agreement if you've ever been there.

So how does this translate into real life, into your everyday situations with women? The first thing I want you to do is think about how BOMBARDED attractive women are with butt-kissers. Women are ABSOLUTE EXPERTS at detecting THE TINIEST SHRED OF BUTT-KISSING BEHAVIOR.

Because they have the chance to OBSERVE guys doing this to them ALL DAY LONG. And to be perfectly honest with you, it REPULSES the HELL out of them. Because they've ASSOCIATED this type of behavior with guys who are NOT UP TO PAR.

After all, these girls have been brought up to believe that they are special. So if you TREAT them as if they ARE, they have NO CHOICE but to believe that THEY ARE SPECIAL relative to YOU.

And get this:
There are guys out there who SPECIALIZE in acting all cool and aloof, for the strict purpose of WOMANIZING.

Yet this aloof, sometimes ABUSIVE behavior is often interpreted as a sign of SUPERIORITY by many women. Chocolates and flowers and offering favors is interpreted as INFERIORITY.

Now I believe that MOST GUYS are good guys, and DO NOT WANT to manipulate women. They do not want to manipulate women, they just want to have a really great woman or women in their life. But what chance does a GOOD GUY have against the JERKS?

Well, he DOES have a chance. There is a way to show you HAVE VALUE without being a jerk.

I'm not into breaking down a woman's self-esteem.
I'm not into lying.
I'm not into deception.

But if you don't want to get into that stuff, then you MUST avoid what I call the ATTRACTION DESTROYERS. One of the worst mistakes a guy makes is AT THE VERY MOMENT HE MAKES HIS FIRST COMMUNICATION TO A WOMAN.

Let's say you are at the counter of a store and you'd like to chat up the woman at the register. A lot of guys will give the woman this smile that immediately says "I think you are SO hot - my life would become SO much better if you would go out with me".

WHAM. It's already OVER, my friend. A red neon sign just flashed in her mind: LOSER ALERT.

Those womanizers would NEVER do this. So do you want the womanizer to get that woman instead? Do you see how it can all be over before you even say a WORD? Same thing goes for nervous movements or shifty eyes.

In the example above, the guy would have been FAR BETTER OFF to keep cool and chat with her like he might do with a GUY- to actually see what her PERSONALITY is like and to show her that he is NOT some loser who will take disrespect just because she is pretty. He might tease her in a fun way that you would with someone who is NOT SUPERIOR to you.

You can be PLAYFUL without kissing up- i.e. teasing her about her uniform and how fashionable it is- NOT! Or maybe just talk to her about the cover of the National Enquirer right beside her.

Get the picture?
She's not QUEEN OF THE WORLD here. Equal to you maybe, but not superior.

To be honest with you, women aren't really into guys who are "equal" either. They expect men to make decisions, and act more masculine. They want men who are MORE dominant. So throw caution to the wind when you are deciding between behaving like THE MAN or behaving like the MEATBALL.

Here's another example of an ATTRACTION DESTROYER:
A woman you've been dating attempts to make you jealous, and you actually SHOW jealousy. WHAM-SMASH-KABOOM. It's over.

Because, you see, you can only be jealous if you are really INTO her. You can't be jealous if you know you can have a dozen more girls like her at the snap of a finger.

I.E. You can't be jealous if you know that many women just as good or better would want you. You can't be jealous if you are SUPERIOR. You might be upset that you wasted your TIME, but not jealous.

Of course, womanizers never get jealous because they never PLAN to be around for long! It's on to the NEXT woman before she even knows what happened, even if she has been a saint. And, of course, this just makes most women even MORE attracted to the jerky guy, because she interprets his lack of jealousy as a sign of his superiority.

Now, you don't have to be a JERK, you just have to know how to be emotionally STRONG. JERKS don't need to be emotionally strong, because they really are constantly focusing on a new woman, and really don't have much emotion invested in any ONE woman. GOOD GUYS must have the strength to not fall under a woman's spell and to be able to IMMEDIATELY walk away from a woman should she disrespect him. And he must CONVEY this through his behavior, not through direct communication and words.

Direct communication is weak, since it involves very little mental effort on the other side. Sometimes just a disinterested LOOK can say more than a thousand words. And because it's harder to be a good guy than to be jerk, many guys get seduced by the "dark side". The problem with being a jerk though is that it works on breaking down a woman's self-esteem, and women with low self esteem are in my opinion NO FUN AT ALL.

I enjoy having a good time with a woman. I'm not into "breaking her down". I'd much rather just make it clear where I AM- which is way way up emotionally- and that she is invited to join me in my world if she passes my character test. If she doesn't pass the character test, then she's not invited.

But there is no abuse, ever.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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