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The Attraction Frame

Author: Michael W

You know, there is one major trait that some guys have that gets them the women they are interested in, over and over again. The guys without this trait only get the women that happen to already "come on" to them, (which is usually not many women, or at least not the women that the guy wants) so for those guys, it's all a matter of luck.

This one special trait that gets guys results is responsible for a "domino" effect, a chain reaction of events and learned skills that lead to ultimately getting the girl.

What is this trait?


Yes, accepting ALL the emotional RISKS/PRESSURES/CHALLENGES is then considered WORTH IT, and in fact the FUN becomes the primary focus, not the emotional "cost".

You can't be in two places at once, you are either focused on the good stuff about pick up or you are focused on your fears.

But most guys end up focusing on the endless fears. The fear that the girl might make FUN of them, or the fear that the girl might reject them, or the fear that the girl might look DOWN on the fact he isn't wealthy or even have a "decent" or "cool" job.

Or even the fear that the girl might LIKE him and the ENSUING fear that he might not be able to deal with a possible BREAK-UP if it doesn't work LONG TERM!

Or the fear that his "FRIENDS" might not approve of the girl, or that his "friends" might not approve of the fact he even HAS the skill to pull the kind of women he desires. (This is usually just the "friends" being jealous, of course.)

Or the fear he might GET her into bed, but that he might not be able to "do magic" to her satisfaction, and the fear she will think lowly of him or that she will feel sorry for him or whatever.

It's amazing, because the reality is that it's no wonder most guys don't go for it, and also that even if they do go for it, they stop trying to LEARN how to get better as soon as they encounter the tiniest bit of emotional pain.

Most guys have WAY MORE FEARS attached to GETTING the girl, than they have associated with AVOIDING the girl!

The worst thing that happens from AVOIDING getting the girl is that he simply doesn't get the girl, but at least he gets a heck of a lot of SECURITY!!!! He is PROTECTED.

And he focuses on THAT which he has gained. "Security from emotional pain".

And of course, you ARE what you THINK and DO. So if you want to be ruled by your FEARS, just FOCUS on them.

This is why it's not a coincidence that most guys will just keep talking or thinking about how doing pick up is just "too tiring", "too time consuming", and how "all women are flaky" or "b****es", and about a million other reasons why it's not worth it.

It's because they've focused on all the things they want to AVOID. And haven't focused on what they can GAIN.

The reality is, whether you think it's worth it, or you think it's not, you are RIGHT.

So while one guy is happily thinking of how awesome it's going to be getting her clothes off and having her laughing and kissing him, and having great times, the other guy is just in the land of darkness, fear, and desolation.

If you focus on why it's NOT worth it to get the girl, then you will REALLY feel it's not. And if you focus on why it IS worth it, you will feel it most definitely IS.

This is why having the right environment is CRUCIAL, and is just ONE of the many powerful reasons that taking a bootcamp, seminar, or coaching with me is so effective, because you are IMMERSED in the right environment with someone who is CONGRUENT to all this stuff. So it has the deepest effect on your own vibes and the way you improve your own focus on the right things. And of course, immersing yourself in my materials is another way of affecting your focus and vibe in a powerful way.

And that's just the beginning, because you then of course also get all the most powerful information as well, but even just the ENVIRONMENTAL influence of being with someone who is congruent to this
stuff is HUGE.

Another thing: The reasons that guys give as excuses for why it's not worth it to get the skills with women, well those reasons unfortunately tend to all boil down to wanting to AVOID any emotional pain.

The thing is you can't get ANYTHING worthwhile in life without putting something INTO IT!

Seriously, you can't get ANYTHING in life without INPUT.

You want to get in shape?
Forget the late night infomercials, you have to haul your butt into the gym. You have to watch what you eat.

You want to excel in school?
You have to do your damn homework, you have to study.

You want to get somewhere in your business or work?
You have to put IN thought, work, effort, time.

Why the heck would being GREAT with women be any different????

The greatest hogwash we were sold as kids was the idea that you will get a woman that you find attractive just because you are a good guy. As if being a good guy came with a free ticket for at least one awesome woman.

But being a good or a bad guy has nothing to do with it. It's about having the SKILLS, whether you are a bastard OR whether you are a saint.

The other thing regarding all this "wanting to avoid emotional pain" is that it's mostly A LOAD OF BULL anyway.

It's a load of bull because part of the skills of attracting the kind of women you want involves BUILDING UP YOUR RESISTANCE to all that crap, and all those fears, so that in fact pretty soon you ENJOY the process, and it's more of an ADRENALINE rush than anything else.

Just like after you get into working out, it's something challenging and INTENSE but that you ENJOY in an exhilarating way rather than something that is PAINFUL.

And, just like working out, you don't always feel like JUMPING into the gym, but you're always glad you did it on the way OUT. You feel like you can't believe you were thinking of NOT working out. And by regularly working out, the weights feel LIGHTER, and you want MORE resistance, more challenging pressure, you look FORWARD to it.

By the way, that's a similar frame that women who are attractive have when interacting with guys. They ENJOY a guy who makes the interaction FUN and CHALLENGING, and who is the kind of guy who challenges himself as well, and makes his own life fun.

So give hotties what they want! What they want is the same thing YOU will want once your reality matches theirs, which is partially the product of having FAR STRONGER RESISTANCE to these types of emotional "challenges". Those challenges or "risks" are what make the whole thing FUN.

Developing this stronger version of yourself is GOOD FOR YOU anyway.

This is simply the kind of reality that you will eventually want when you've built yourself up to EMBRACE these emotional "risks" with women. You become so emotionally strong in this area that you NEED the "emotional risks'" or you would get BORED. Without these "risks" or "challenges" it would be like going to the gym and lifting paper clips!!

It would be ABSURD and boring as heck. You would feel like a nerd if the situation with women DIDN'T involve these "challenging" elements.

This is a CRUCIAL first step to make on your journey to becoming AWESOME with women. It is a major change of PERSPECTIVE.


It's necessary in order for you to stick around long enough to get good at this game, it's also good for you in general, and it also is attractive to women in and of itself!

And once you make this change, you will start finding more and more reasons that prove that gaining the skills to attract the women of your choice is the BEST decision you've ever made in your LIFE.

Think about it:
The biggest reason why MOST guys want to make loads of cash is to impress WOMEN.

The biggest reason why most guys act competitive is to impress WOMEN.

The biggest reason why guys spend their LIFE trying to accumulate wealth and fame and prestige and titles ultimately is to impress WOMEN.

What if you could BYPASS all that stuff and just go STRAIGHT to getting the women???

Imagine how much more FUN and EFFICIENT and RELAXING life would be!!!!

If you would like to do exactly that and bypass all the other stuff that guys spend their LIFE on and instead just get STRAIGHT to attracting the kind of women you really want, then I urge you to EMBRACE the challenge and get yourself a copy of my CD set that lays it all out in explicit detail for you, from first seeing her to taking her under the covers and beyond.

My Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set contains all my most advanced, revolutionary, real-world strategies on how to pick up ANY woman and KEEP the attraction for as long as you want. I spent the last three YEARS developing this program, to really figure out on the deepest levels what women actually respond to, and to then distill this information in a way that ANY guy can both UNDERSTAND and also USE to GET the woman or women he desires INTO his life and INTO his bed.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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