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Attraction In Real Life

Author: Michael W

REALITY is more fascinating, more COMPELLING, than any fiction. So it's my goal to constantly be striving toward making things as applicable to real life as possible.

One thing I want to mention is that a lot of "tests" that guys think women are throwing their way are actually often signs that the woman does not TRUST the guy.

So, many times, had the guy just established a greater foundation of trust, there wouldn't be this issue. Thus, it's important to distinguish between a woman who is trying to get away with bad stuff, and a woman who is feeling nervous about trusting you.

The key is to keep things fun, fresh, and unpredictable, without ever EVER jeopardizing the trust in the slightest or the whole thing is toast. In fact, you should be building up the trust to higher levels all the time as well.

You shouldn't get obsessed with this, but it's really helpful and this is where the art really lives.

Ok, onto the letters:

Hi Michael,
Just an update on my life after "The Dating Wizard" came into it.

About a year ago, I wrote to you about how your book (and one friend of mine) helped me in my marriage.

Yes, not only can you use Michael's books and seminars to PICK UP women, you can also use the teachings to KEEP a woman. (If that's what you want.)

My wife constantly tested me, but I never knew I was being tested. I'd ask myself why is she doing these things?

She wanted me to be THE MAN, that's why.

At the point I found your e-book, I was separated, looking at the end of a 20-year marriage, and feeling pretty low about my whole situation.

But then, things began to change. First, I told her that I would fight for my kids in court. Her jaw dropped. I had just called her "Divorce" bluff.

I told her how I thought that being steadily employed and able to cook and clean besides, I had a good chance of getting the kids in any judgment.

After I told her I would always fight for my family, she asked me what had happened to that?

I answered that I was still fighting for my family, but not for her. She had decided to end our relationship and I was no longer "trying" to "hold on" to that relationship.

I told her that I wasn't worried, 'cause there are thousands of women out there who are looking for a solid guy like me, and since she had decided to end it, I was already accepting of that end - and moving on.

Well, you could actually FEEL the dynamics in our relationship change!

Since that day, I have been in control, and let me tell you, Michael, life is freakin' fantastic!

My wife hardly - if ever - tests me now, and she knows I am THE MAN. Our relationship is clearly defined, and she knows that I am in control.

I don't mind telling you here that my wife is a head-turning blonde with a killer body, and every time I WANT...did you hear that? - when "I" want...we have mind-boggling sex!

Our relationship is better than ever, my wife serves me in every way that you can imagine, and she knows that NEVER - NEVER again can she play the "Get Out" card and expect me to come crawling back.

I told her that last time was just that - the LAST time. I will not stand for such games anymore. I'm tired of them, and all I want is what I now have.

A "trophy" wife with a brain, a personality, and the desire of every man. Yet, does she desire every man?
Just me - cause I am "THE" MAN!

Thanks, Michael!

Just wanted to say that every now and then I still read up on your teachings and principles, and keep my emotions and understanding at a high-efficiency level.
You rock, big M!
Thomas R.

Michael W. >>>MY COMMENTS<<<

There's NOTHING better to me than hearing from guys who are using this stuff to bring BACK the values that make LIFE meaningful.

I'm being really honest here, I think this stuff goes SOO beyond just pick-up, and ultimately will have impact that benefits our entire civilization. I'm not against women having rights, and it was WRONG that women had a lack of rights in the old days, but what's going on today is INSANE. It's so freaky insane, that it's not even good for WOMEN, as a society where men are abused will ultimately lead right back to the stone age, because the fact is men can RECLAIM their power anytime they want, once they REALIZE what's going on and they make the DECISION to ACT.

And when men DO wake up as a gender, if society has not changed by then, men will surely NOT TAKE CHANCES with candy-assed political correctness ever again.

It's no sin for a man to want to have HARMONY and 100% RESPECT from a woman, just as he surely has respect for HER in today's society.

So, all I can say is, THANKS for the props, and WAY TO GO, and KEEP IT UP!

One other quick comment though- I'm glad you put the word "trophy" in quotes, because as you know, I pretty much hate the idea of trophy anything, as that usually is about ego, and being externally validated. The main thing is being with a woman that is perfect for YOU, not as a trophy to show everyone else.

And AGAIN, I need to mention, is that this TESTING stuff is sometimes the product of LACK OF TRUST, which can be the result of soooo many different things. It might be her own issues, it might be the way you are behaving.

The bottom line is that the stronger the foundation of trust is in the relationship, and the more you adhere to the principles of being "The Man", and the more you CAREFULLY CHOOSING FOR THE RIGHT WOMAN, etc, the LESS you will ever have to worry about tests.

But if that stuff gets screwed up in the beginning, the more of a major job it will be setting things back on track, if even possible. In fact, you can sometimes re-trigger attraction, AS LONG as there is still trust, but you can almost never build back trust once it shatters.

So trust is wayyyyyy more important than most guys realize.

Ok, here's another letter that just came in a few nights ago:


Hi Michael-
Hope you're well. I love this line from a recent newsletter:
"You have to remember that the only way this superiority thing works is if SHE benefits from it! It's not necessarily about superiority over HER, but your excellence in GENERAL."

I stopped reading 'dating guru' stuff a while ago but I still read your mail. It's for adult men. Hope others can get here too. Your stuff really changes lives. I can never thank you enough. Never forget what a massive positive influence you have been.
John T.

Michael W. >>>MY COMMENTS<<<

First of all, THANK YOU for those powerful words. It helps to know that in fact this stuff that I do is making a difference. And I honestly think it's also a testament to the quality of your intelligence that you are able to "get" what I write, as it takes TWO for this to work, you have to have the intelligence to get it and apply it, and sometimes I wonder if I am being as articulate as possible.

So props to you as well for making it work in your life.

Also, I appreciate the way you wrote that what I do is for ADULT MEN.

It's the bottom line- this is not "immature" stuff. It's not about GAMES. It's not only for getting frisky with a girl at a club, though it certainly works for that too and a lot of guys might think that is the end all and be all.

It's about GENUINE IMPROVEMENT in all the areas that are NATURALLY attractive to women, and in fact are actually the things that will make YOU feel better about yourself as well, NO JOKES ABOUT THAT AT ALL.

When you have better presence, body language, more meaningful tonality, more confident and witty humor in your outlook and perspectives on life, when you radiate more sexuality and integrity, when you are able to develop powerful rapport quickly with a woman, when you are able to reframe any nonsense she throws your way so that you own the frame in a masculine but not controlling way, when you are able to comfortably escalate physically when things are right, when you know how to dress with a style that is congruent to yourself and is also powerful to others, and much, much more, you FEEL better anyway.

So it's not just about picking up women, but about developing a far better SELF.

And doing that in a society that often seems to turn men into spineless weaklings when it comes to women, well, it's simply not always EASY to develop all these skills and to develop into a cool guy in such a society.

In fact, it takes GUTS to go about making the decision to COMMIT to developing your skills in this area.

Props to you!

And, now a letter with a question about the universality of these concepts:


Hi Michael,
After hearing about you via *****, I have followed your newsletters with increasing interest. I am really considering buying some of your material, but have one question I hope you can answer beforehand.

Early this year I moved overseas from the States, and I am curious generally whether you think your teachings only apply towards western women or if from your experience they are applicable anywhere.

The reason I'm asking is that I was pretty comfortable with my performance in the States, though after finishing college last year I am looking to get more into the dating and relationship scene and out of the madness of one-time hookups.

Basically, a lot of people here (foreigners and natives) say the women are 'tougher', so I thought I'd ask your perspective on the issue before buying in.

thanks in advance
Brandon K.
p.s. I really enjoy your emails that highlight member questions

Michael W. >>>MY REPLY<<<

The answer to your question is, based on the feedback I get from guys all over the world, that this stuff is VERY universal. The ideas of masculinity, confidence, wit, leadership, charisma, rapport, and all the other concepts that are included in my Programs are always going to be attractive to women.

The thing is that in some parts of the world where women have made so much "progress" that they are actually going BACKWARD (feminism was supposed to be about women being respected for more than just being sexual objects, yet women are far MORE sexualized in our society today than they ever were, just look at magazines, the porn industry, and the pop female "singers") it becomes even MORE important for men to RESIST the social pressure to CAVE IN to kiss up to women, because in fact so many women don't even know what they want anymore.

If you leave it up to women, you will not be attractive to any woman, and you will only end up as "friends" material at best.

So learning these skills and developing yourself in these ways will definitely help you WHEREVER you meet women, but it is ABSOLUTELY essential to learn these skills and develop this part of your identity in places where feminism has attempted to EXTINGUISH the flame of MASCULINITY.

And now, one final letter, this on PICK-UP, as you can't have a great woman without meeting and ATTRACTING her first!


Hi Michael,
I've been going to bookstores with the aim of meeting women. So far all I have done is have a 1 minute conversation in a line up with a woman about her Martha Stewart book. What goes on in my mind is a concern about timing.

I walk into a store glancing around to see if any attractive women are there. The problem is, if I see that they've noticed me spotting them, I feel hesitant about approaching - since the intention is to not make it so obvious that I am approaching. I am not giving up about this, but if you have any comments about this concern I would appreciate it.

Also, during the role playing exercise last weekend, I think you said to avoid asking questions. Am I correct? If so, what is the reason for this, since questions are a normal part of conversation.

I've also started saying "How's it going to women" as I pass by them." However, I realized that it's pretty ineffective since my volume is not high enough, and I'm not making eye contact.

Michael W. >>>MY FEEDBACK<<<

First of all, GOOD WORK on actually GETTING out there, this takes a lot of inertia to get the wheels turning. So make sure to give yourself credit for this. Taking action is a huge step, and it begins a series of chain-reaction type events in your mind that you don't even fully realize.

KEEP THIS UP, even if you don't automatically CONSCIOUSLY realize the improvements you are making, as they are actually happening. It's similar to lifting weights, where you don't SEE the results every second, but they are HAPPENING, you just have to keep it up.

Regarding your concern about timing, although the truth is it's not a major problem if a woman DOES see you spotting her and then approaching, it's even BETTER to make it more natural.

So, the solution is to simply NOT especially "look around" for any women, but rather, stroll through the respective areas, so for example, you stroll in to the store, then browse through the cooking section, then the magazine section, then the self-help section, etc.

So, you are not scoping the area, but rather "taking it in" as it happens. i.e. As you are strolling into the cooking section, presto, there is a woman, and you can casually open up the conversation very spontaneously this way. Think of this analogy: A whale does not LOOK for food, he is CONSTANTLY "passively" taking in his food from the ocean through openings on his surface, as he swims.

He is not even LOOKING for it. He just takes it all in, casually, relaxed.

Similarly, you should be just PASSING THROUGH, taking in the women as they appear to you, and then spontaneously taking action to pick them up.

It's actually BETTER internally for you to do things this way ANYWAY, as it leaves you NO TIME to over-analyze things. So, what happens is that you in fact really WILL be more spontaneous, which will give better "vibe" to your interaction.

You prevent yourself from over-thinking, so you by DEFAULT must end up being SPONTANEOUS naturally.

Regarding the role playing exercise during the seminar, you are correct- I definitely did say to avoid asking questions in the beginning of the interaction if they are TRULY questions.

In other words:
If you say, "Hey my niece just turned 7, and I want to get her a cool gift, I don't want to be the un-cool uncle, you know what I mean?"

And then you should go on for a couple of minutes about a cool and funny story about something that your niece said or did, (i.e. something you wouldn't expect a 7 year old to say, understand or do), which also shows her your personality, and then you finally ask: "So what do you think I should get her?", the reality is that in this case you would not have STARTED with a question.

Rather, THIS is started with an interesting story that elicits emotion such as laughter, and even the question is really just a BAIT, because you can playfully tease her on her response.

And the WAY you speak, when done with the "graphic equalizer" of combining the right emotional states, carries all the non-verbal communication, which gets her laughing, gets her intrigued, shows confidence, shows being laid-back, and much more.

So, the idea is not to ask questions that seem BIZARRE (unless the fact that it IS bizarre is the source of the humor) or have no relevance, or are invasive, or boring. Basically, you don't want to ask questions (which means she has to answer them, thus SHE is doing the giving, and you don't want to make HER give until YOU have made her experience cool emotions) until you know she is INTERESTED and therefore she would WANT to answer.

In other words, what this means is that you don't ask questions until you've conveyed value yourself--- through things like your tonality, your sense of humor, your body language, the way you are dressed, your interesting story, etc, etc. This is where having the CD set will be a fantastic resource for you, as it goes into detail on all these topics.

It's okay to ask her questions once you have her ATTRACTED, and in fact questions are often an IMPORTANT part of RAPPORT, as you find out more about each other and she now WANTS to find things in common with you, which creates bonding, etc. So she will ask questions about you and she will WANT you to ask questions about her.

Regarding "How's it going" as a conversation starter, definitely to make this type of generic opener work, it requires tonality, volume, confident eye contact, etc. And it CAN definitely work when said right. It's just an opener, what counts more is the VIBE you are injecting into the life of the conversation and interaction. This will lead to the dynamic interactive playful FLOW that goes back and forth between the two of you, like a good ping-pong game.

This type of opener is also more suited for a social environment like a lounge, or for a situation where conversation would seem very normal, i.e. you are sitting at the coffee shop when it's not busy, and she is sitting right there near you, so in a way you both have in common the fact that you are the only (or the few) people in the coffee shop, etc etc, or if you are in line and she's in front of you or beside you, etc.

And if you are reading this right now and would like to TAKE ACTION so that you can get this area of your life under CONTROL, I seriously recommend you tap into the power of my SEDUCTION MASTERY APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM CD SET

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You'll also learn how to prevent her from sabotaging the interaction, because the truth is that in many ways women do feel compelled to be hard to get, and if you don't know how to deal with this, you could have a woman that WANTS to be with you but STILL WON'T be with you. She EXPECTS that YOU will know how to disarm her token resistance in a cool way.
And you will learn much, much more as well.
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Till next time,

Michael W

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